Germany and Bayern Munich’s Bastien Schweinsteiger sure is a favourite with adidas when it comes to testing new football boots!

Bastien Schweinsteiger tests out a mystery pair of new adidas football boots

Over the past 6 months we’ve seen the Bayern vice-captain teasting out both the adiPure IV and adiPure SL well before their release dates, and it seems that the Kolbermoor-native is once again playing guinea pig to adidas’ latest football boots.

Seen here in a white-out colourway, we can definitely make-out some of the features that would charaterise this new release, and rule it out as being any of the current models in adidas’ range.

Bastien Schweinsteiger tests out a mystery pair of new adidas football boots

First of all, the stitching around the inside and outside of the toes is completely different from the new ‘squared-off’ style of the new adiPure IV and adiPure SL, and the instep lacks the characteristics of the soon-to-be-released adidas adiPower Predator.

The collar of these mystery new football boots also has an distinctive perforation – which may hint at some sort of use of adidas’ famous ClimaCool technology. The lacing of these football boots also isn’t entirely central like the adiPure IV; instead it’s off-set to the out-step of the boot, like the adiZero.

Bastien Schweinsteiger tests out a mystery pair of new adidas football boots

One of the most interesting-looking aspects of these unknown adidas football boots is the soleplate. From what we can tell, it’s a single-piece outsole like the adiZero’s Sprintframe, complete with two smaller studs under the arch of the foot for improved lateral stability, whereas the rest of the studs look like a hybrid of an FG blade and moulded stud.

If we were to hazard a guess, we’d have to say that these might well be the new adiPure V in their very first prototype, but we couldn’t say for sure!

Let us know what you think they could be in the comments below!

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  1. says: Joe Townsend

    I don’t know what they are, but they look great!!! And what a player to test them on, just hope he makes it to England someday.

  2. says: MisterBroom12

    Synthetic adiPure IV…? Maybe a new adidas produced version of kanga-lite? They surely aren’t the adiPure IV, adiPure SL or Prdator adiPower.

  3. says: Tadiwa

    possibly his own bespoke adidas boot similar to what nike did for ronadhinio? or maybe an early version of the adipure IV

  4. says: Jack Straw

    I agree, I’d guess the 2012 adipure, or perhaps an entirely new silo. Definitely not a adizero or adipower predator. Looks leather to me as well, but can’t rule out synthetic based on the pictures.

  5. says: Jack Straw

    If it is a perforated ventialtion story on the lateral sides of the boots, isn’t there a concern about moisture working its way into the shoe?

  6. says: Brandon O'Shea

    Those there are the new AdiPower. Basically a new breed of shoe, a mix of the Adi Zero and the Predator. Making the most deadly adidas boot, the lightest Predator ever created.

  7. says: channo

    i kinda hope that adidas would come up with something new to compete with the CTR in the control range, but have to say that this one have that “pure” looks all over it instead.
    nike has set the bar that control boots should full of gimmicks like power boots -but designed to aid our touches and passes instead of power.

    so anyway, it have an climacool-alike collar; not something entirely new -becks had one of his powerswerves designed like that, but definitely a good idea.
    more interestingly, looks like that it had one of those those “toe punt” thingie that we use to find in nike5 range. what are we seeing here…?


    well, it would be cool if this is a new “gimickless” control boots -like mizuno’s supersonic.
    but it would be totally uncool if this is adipure V. this is too fast. cuz we just had the IV, some people haven’t even get their hands on it. by the time this V launches, we’d all be sick and tired of countless prototype spotting; there’d be no surprise at all (*sigh* i missed good ol’ days when new boots actually shocks us with it’s new looks and technologies… nowadays boots just looks the same with nothing new but slightly different colors -yes. i’m looking at you, superfly)

  8. says: iPodkiller

    At least they look much nicer then the Adipure IV. Like the adidas stripes on it, little bit round like the predators.

  9. says: kuuku

    In my humble opinion I think it is either a really old prototype sample that he used to have and is pulling out for training/testing purposes.

    We know it isn’t the adipower predator.
    It’s extremely early for it to be the adipure V.
    That soleplate is like nothing else on the market.
    I can see a great deal of wear and tear on the boot so it cannot be that new.

    So for me the most logical conclusion is that these are an old prototype of a currently released boot (maybe the adipure SL or the adipure IV).
    Or that adidas are testing out a number of new technologies on a random looking boot. Maybe testing the effect of that new soleplate or the climacool perforations prior to implementing them in their boots.

    I’m probably wrong though.

  10. says: iPodkiller

    @Fifinho, lol he is a maestro, he can shoot you away, it’s normal. I bet on all my money that nobody can defeat R.Carlos with his big muscled legs.

  11. says: Cole

    Simple. The Copa Mudali SL. The true classic boot, with an Adizero spin. But the soleplate is only partly Adizero. It will still feature round studs.

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