Sandro interview on the adidas samba predator LZ

A fan favourite from South America to North London, Tottenham Hotspur enforcer Sandro is known for his tireless work-rate, fearless play style and larger-than-life personality – which is quite the feat given the Brazilian’s impressive stature.

Now in the Samba Pack Predator, we grabbed five minutes with the guitar-playing, high-kicking midfielder to find out why he’s man enough for a pink Predator and how memories of his first football boots still bring tears to his eyes…


– You're here for the new adidas Predator today – how do you find wearing them and what do you think of the colour?

I like the colour! I think it's loud, easy to spot – a good attention-seeking colour!

I've got nothing against the new boot¦ so far. And I have nothing against the colour because I am a man!


– How do you find they help in your game?

I like the lightweight aspect of the boot, as a midfielder I like the boot to be light. You can also see the grips across the boot – these are especially useful when it's raining.

I can already see it: I'm in the English rain, I'm turning with the ball and – BAM – I shoot, I score.

Sandro in the samba pack adidas samba predator LZ II interview

– Do you remember your first ever pair of football boots? [Starts pretending to cry] My dad sold everything to buy me my first pair of football boots¦

…They were the heaviest boots I've ever owned.

The studs; they were this big [gestures at around two inches], they were hard – I would run, and they would feel like I was running barefoot on stones.

Now¦I can fly.



– You and Paulinho are in the same team now, how do you think it will benefit Brazil if you can form a good relationship?

It's a great help that Paulinho is here, obviously I'm looking forward to having a great relationship with him with both of us being from the same home nation.

It's crossed my mind that if we form a good relationship at Spurs, that could then be reflected as a good partnership in Brazil.

However, I have to make sure sure the partnership is seen on the pitch at Spurs before it can be seen on the pitch at the World Cup.