Ryu x Rio – The World Cup Kickstarter You Should be Backing

Ryu x Rio - Kickstarter

If you’re a football fan who lives between the headlines of daily newspapers and ‘mainstream’ football news sources, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the work of Ryu Voelkel.

You might know him by name, you might know him by his Twitter (@toksuede) or you might just be familiar with his work; if you’ve seen a football photograph capturing something offbeat, unorthodox or intimate on a football pitch, the odds are Ryu was to thank.

Usually focusing on the atmosphere in the stands or emotion on the field of play, Ryu wants to make sure all the images he capture don’t end up unused on a photo editor’s desktop.

Ryu x Rio - Kickstarter - 1

Instead, he’s aiming to make a book that will capture every moment in Brazil between the headlines.

Known for his ability to focus on the personal moments in the big game, as well as unique approaches to movement, pace and the things that make the beautiful game beautiful, we’re backing this one to be a masterpiece in years to come.

Ryu x Rio - Kickstarter - 2


So, if you want to be a contributor with your name in the book, you can do so from this link: ryusha.com/kickstarter

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