Everyone involved with Russia’s World Cup bid was in raptures today as the 22-man FIFA panel confirmed that they would be hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The news came after an intense afternoon’s voting in Zurich, with FIFA President Sepp Blatter having the casting vote.

Fifa’s 22 executive committee members decided that Russia deserved the honour, leaving the rival bids of England, Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium in tatters and Russia set to host their first ever FIFA World Cup.

In the same announcement FIFA also confirmed that Qatar would host the 2022 tournament, with Australia and the US being the two favourites who were disposed by the Middle-eastern country.

So, the next 12 years of World Cups are set in stone, with Brazil, Russia and Qatar the next three host nations – which of these tournaments are you most looking foward to?

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    Congratulations To Russia.

    What I dont like is how quickly people turn racist when they dont get what they want. Already on facebook and twitter people are cursing out russia which quite frankly is just pathetic.

    Dont Hate The Player, Hate The Game, And Dont Hate, Congratulate.

  2. says: kuuku

    It’s good, new countries for the world cup is better than repeating hosts. It will spread football interest and culture and will improve the tourism and infrastructure of these countries.

    Please don’t forget. Football is a global game.

  3. says: harry

    totally agree with kuuku where its a global game. we were a good choice but we cannot say we deserve it more than the other candidates.personally i think we were a bit arrogant. it is a breath of fresh air it has gone to russia but i hope they fix up the transportation there from ground to ground.qatar is also good for 2022 as it will be reppin the middle east again a new venue.take the venues around the world where it has not happened b4. the only beef i have is that fifa should have done the voting system with 2018 and 2022 differently as countries who were bidding for 2018 but dropped out to concentrate on 2022 made deals with each other. look on the bright side tho. brazil mite hav nice beaches and pele but is ghetto as hell and they need to build airports within 3 years. football might just be commin home…….fingers crossed. if that dont work panorama can savagely expose fifa more. lol badmind thought, sorry

  4. says: kjasgf

    So I guess I’m okay with Russia hosting in 2018 but really…. Qatar??? The level of corruption in FIFA has astounded me. Not meaning to sound rude, but this is a dark day for football…

  5. says: channo

    the first thing that came to my mind when hearing this news is: “hey, aren’t russian stadiums only have synthetic grass??”
    i heard that the cold weather doesn’t allow grass to grow appropriately there.

    of course i understand the fact that they could always grow real grass for a one-time-world-cup-session-only time.

    but it would be nice to see how football boots companies deal with this should the world cup be held in synthetic grasses 🙂

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