To complete what has been a busy week for Umbro, we thought we’d share these interesting images with you.

First off, don’t panic. This isn’t a new boot that has slipped under the radar and it’s not going in to production anytime soon.

umbro football boot rca

Instead, this is one design that has put forward by students from the Royal College of Art who’ve been working with Umbro recently at their design studio in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Last year, Umbro asked students at the College to come up with ideas based around sport, technology and Britishness, with the results being understandably varied.

The exact brief was: Umbro believes the brand reflects and glorifies British heritage. What does this mean in 2009 and does Umbro need to re-adjust their vision to come into line with what “Britishness” actually means now?

rca umbro football boots

The best projects were developed and displayed at the Dale Street studio. Obviously, these ideas are a long way from the football boots and sportswear that Umbro currently produce but there are some links between the two if you look close enough.

rca umbro football shirt

Whether it’s football boots produced using the same technique as that which goes into making cars, or jumpers that make it easier to explain the offside rule, this collection from the RCA underlines just how much football is ingrained into our culture.

rca umbro new football shirt

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  1. says: kuuku

    When I just glanced at it, taking the general shape into account it looked to me like the new lotto zero gravity. Then I read the headline and noticed the umbro insignia. Why does it indicate britishness? Green and white aren’t british colours. But I think it’s a very interesting shape and design and would love to see how it feels on my foot.

    The jumper is also nice but I can’t wear that.

  2. says: channo

    yeah it was resembling lotto zero gravity the first time i saw it too. (could this mean that zero gravity is the most-ahead design at this time?)

    i like the umbro logo section a lot! somehow reminds me of F30’s alles klear section.
    i just wasn’t sure how upper shaped like that could contribute to our touches 😛

  3. says: mugen

    looks like a pair of pumas with umbros logo stuck over where the cat should be jp

    is an interesting idea would have to lose the puma looking arch though

  4. says: simon

    Umbro is following Lotto sport style, so… Italians do it better, uh!! Lott is producing the laceless shoe since 2006, at least!!!

  5. says: Roberto

    yes in fact I had only ever seen and tried the Lotto version of the “lace-less” boot..to be fair, i have nothing against umbro but i just dont think this at the same level as lotto, quite copy-cat style!
    i wonder what new features the new world cup boot will have…
    does anyone know why no other brand has done a lace-less version..nike, adidas etc???

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