Despite neither team being at the top of the table this season, both Arsenal and Manchester United can boast two of the best strikers in the Premier League, if not the world.

Robin van Persie on the Weekend Review

Robin van Persie will meet Wayne Rooney on the pitch at the Emirates on Sunday, and Castrol have been tracking each touch, strike, pass and run of both of these top-class players, so we can see who has had the biggest impact for their team this season.

In August Manchester United and Wayne Rooney inflicted a resounding 8-2 defeat on Arsenal, with Rooney netting a hat-trick. However, since then it is Robin van Persie who has lit up the Premier League.

Arsenal vs Manchester United Castrol Stats

The division’s top scorer has found the net 18 times in 21 appearances with a rate of 97 minutes per goal and 23% chance conversion, compared with Rooney’s 13 goals at a still impressive 114 minutes per goal and 19% chance conversion.

In terms of adding to all-round team play, the adiPower Predator man has also been more influential to his team’s attacking play, with more assists (5), crosses (115) and chances created (48).

Wayne Rooney in Nike T90 Laser IV Football Boots

However, Rooney sees more of the ball during a match with more touches and passes per game, reflecting his slightly deeper lying position for Manchester United. Rooney also boasts better pass (82%) and dribble (64%) completion rates.

All this, despite the fact that the Nike T90 Laser IV-wearer having spent nearly three games-worth of time less on the field than the Dutchman.

Looking at these stats, who do you think is the best in the Premier League at the moment?

And who will walk away with the points on Sunday?

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  1. says: Some Guy

    Disregarding the stats, I think they’re both excellent players who many people would want on their team. They both have their own unique qualities that they bring, which contribute to their team’s success. That being said, at the moment, there is no better striker in the Premier League than Robin van Persie. And this is coming from a United fan.

  2. says: Bob

    Neutral, here. Rooney had a hotstreak at the beginning of the season but has petered out. RVP has been much more consistent. RVP ftw

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