As the latest A-List sports star to become embroiled in scandal, (and unfortunately the 3rd England Player!) Wayne Rooney could potentially be set to lose out in millions in sponsorship money.

As one of the highest-paid players at Old Trafford, Rooney earns around £100,000 a week for turning out for the Red Devils, which adds to his personal fortune, which the Sunday Times estimates is around a staggering £33million at the age of just 24.

In addition to this substantial £5.2m annual salary, the striker also earns around £15m a year with sponsorship and image rights

Rooney’s three biggest sponsors – Nike football boots, EA Sports and Coca-Cola are unlikely to be affected – both Nike and EA Sports both stood by Tiger Woods when he was rocked by scandal earlier this year, and as the face of the Coke Zero Street Striker television program, it’s unlikely that the soft drinks brand will drop the star.

However, Rooney’s most profitable deal is with publishers Harper Collins; Harper Collins granted him a £5million advance plus royalties for a minimum of five books over a 12 year period – which would be a huge loss if the contract were to be renegotiated prior to the first book’s release.

(Call us cynical, but we don’t think this scandal will have a negative effect on book sales…)

The real loss for Rooney will come in the form of future marketing deals, as his image as a ‘family man’ stands in jeapody.

Rooney has enjoyed previous deals with Asda, Nokia and Ford thanks to his marketable image, but should these latest allegations turn out to be true, it’s unlikely that Rooney will be able to command such lucrative fees for use of his image.

Breakdown of Rooney’s Estimated Annual Earnings

Salary: £5.2M

Image Rights: £7.3M


Nike football boots: £1M
EA Sports: £237,000
Coca Cola: £600,000
Publishing: £750,000

Have your opinions of Rooney changed over the weekend?

Or do you think it’s yet again an instance of the press unsettling England players in the run up to big games?

We just can’t get over the coincidence that Nike, EA Sports and Coca-Cola sponsor Wayne Rooney AND Tiger Woods. Whoa.

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  1. says: Ryan

    Actually 4th England player…

    1. John Terry
    2. Ashley Cole
    3. Peter Crouch
    4. Wayne Rooney

    Maybe these guys shouldn’t be wasting their energy in the bedroom, instead using it on the pitch! 😀

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