Rooney’s On Target

He can’t do much on the pitch right now, but Rooney is certainly causing a stir in the media business.

Nike are in over drive at the moment, with viral video’s being released left right and centre. Rooney’s Target Practice video has been a huge success, its all over the tabloids, YouTube – it’s even featured in our own Footy Boots video collection …..

We’ve had loads of comments questioning whether Rooney hit the target, or whether it was staged. So Nike come out with a Behind the Scenes look, you can see it on our video collection on the Footy Boots homepage (or click here for the lazy ones).


If this one is legitimate, and we have no reason to doubt it, especially after the Ronaldinho hits the bar video, it goes to show just how accurate the boy Wazza is.

Here’s a look at some Rooney wannabe’s….

Adelaide United V Wayne Rooney
Some of the team try to recreate the video.

Eamon Gilroy
He says “Ya I hit the camera”. His Dad said “You’ve broken my camera”.

By his own admission “This was a vague attempt at the rooney nike ad”.

We agree……

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