Wayne Rooney is statistically the top performing player in the 2010 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers, according to new statistics.

Capello may have just labelled him a ‘crazy guy’ when the England camp gathered this week, but Wayne Rooney is vital to England’s success as he is statistically the best player in Europe.

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The Evidence

Four match days into the 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers and England are sitting comfortably at the top of Group 6 with a 100% record, mostly thanks to the ebullient forward Wayne Rooney.

England have scored 14 goals and Rooney has scored or set up nine of those, meaning he has been directly involved in more goals than any other player so far in the qualifiers, which explains his Castrol Index score of 9.25 out of 10.

Rooney is joint-top goalscorer with five goals along with Belgium’s Wesley Sonck who lies second in the table, only 0.02 points behind the Manchester United striker.

The Portuguese midfielder Nani, Portugal’s top scorer in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, makes up the podium (9.11). Belgium, Germany and Northern Ireland are the only countries to have multiple representatives in the CastroI Index Top 20.


Capello’s England play Slovakia in a friendly on Saturday, before England facing the Ukraine in a World Cup Qualifying match on Wednesday.

With Europe’s best player on board, how can England fail?

The Castrol Index is an innovative way of using technology and statistics to objectively analyse player performance by ranking a player’s contribution to a team’s overall play in terms of scoring and conceding goals. Read the Castrol Index Explanation.

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    1. says: John

      tighten yourself up ted.. Rooney’s the most naturally talented player in the world and the one player both his team and country cannot do well without

  1. says: Sion

    Rooney is crazy, but I love him that way. England need more players with his fight.

    These stat’s are encouraging though, bring it on Rooney.

  2. says: Fenboy

    It’s great to see him at the top of the list but I’d love to see him recreate his form when he burst on to the England scene. He used to terrorise defenders.

  3. says: Ollie

    Never! Stats don’t mean anything in crucial games. Performance and attitude on the pitch and I’d take David Villa, Eto’o, Torres, Drogba, even Eduardo, Adebayor and Van Persie before him. And I’m a United fan. Sorry mates, but this time your horribly wrong.

    1. says: ty

      to be fair mate .. adebayor wtf!
      n rooneys a better player than all of them i rate torres up there with him tho but the others are not a patch mate… you dont have a clue!

  4. says: MisterBroom12

    This is absolutely wrong. Rooney is nowhere near Europe’s best and statistical analysis of how a person is performing is hardly ever something you should judge a player on. Wesley Sonck, the second best player in Europe? Nani the third? Michalis Konstantinou the fourth? You ask any football follower to pick a player for their dream team and who their first “draft pick” would be, and Rooney is the only player in the top 5 that has a chance of being picked, and it’s not even a great chance. Ronaldo, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Torres, Ibrahimovic,all of these names are more likely to be chosen as the first player you would want on your own squad. No matter where you get your reasoning, Rooney is Europe’s best is never correct, at least not now.

  5. I will have to agree to certain extent to MisterBroom12 but I don’t how happy I’m to see that Cristiano Ronaldo is not on that list, he can’t even make it to the top 20 in Europe how can he be the best player in the World, the greatest ever my ………..

  6. says: chet

    this is rediculous. yes, maybe he could be the best statistical player, but come on. everyone knows this statistic is meaningless. cuz id definitely want wesley sonck on my team before henry, ronaldo, or pato.
    the simple fact is, this cant measure a players greatness by any means. the only thing that can determine a great player is consistant performances on a large stage, and then make up your own mind who is the best.
    like, for me, at the moment, ibrohimovic is the best. scoring beautiful goals and consistantly having solid games for inter.
    rooney gets alot of hype, but everyone knows he has yet to live up to it or to his potential. he still has many years left and for englands sake next summer, specifically, i hope he improves.

  7. says: MisterBroom12

    van Persie is playing better than Rooney right now… Maybe not scoring quite as many goals but is helping Arsenal every time he is out there. You can see a difference in their squad when he plays as opposed to not. When United play without Rooney there is not much of a difference in quality for them, more of a change of style. Plus, van Persie is not out there getting red cards like Rooney is.

  8. says: adu

    Guys ain’t this based on the world cup qualifiers cos I’m sure it is and if so then Rooney’s got every right to be up there and what a performance from him last night. Generally though I must admit he is far from the best, Finally I’d like to see Kevin Davies playing for England n the qualifiers I reckon he’s got a lot to give

  9. says: ty

    man you guys dont have a clue!… rooneys a great player one of the best and would get in any team in the world.. and to say players like adaboyor is better is just silly to be honest!. im from spain and even we know he is one of the best

  10. says: manutd 4ever

    lsn people i like watch every match for man utd .If u take all the matches they played including last season u can definatly say cristiano ronaldo is the best in the world and there no doubt that the 42 goals he scored last season prove just what i said and dont forget that he is a winger and not a sriker. We all know that rooney is 1 of the best but as i said cistiano ronaldo is the best! :D:P:)

  11. says: manutd 4ever

    no way man ronaldos 42 goals last season prove that he is the best and dont forget that he is a winger and rooney is a striker and dontforget bout torres he is definatly the second best in the world!:P:D:)

  12. says: samy

    Rooney at thise time he is the best striker in the world’he can playe more than thise in the futhure b/c he is young.Good Luck Rooney.

  13. says: Jimbo

    32 goals. Most managers hail him as the best in Europe at the moment. Torres is shit for liverpool. He will be THE plater to watch at the world cup!

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