Wayne Rooney has hit back at accusations that he dived to win a penalty against Arsenal by proclaiming that he’s an “honest player.”

In the match at Old Trafford, the London team were winning 1 – 0 and had been denied a penalty of their own when Rooney converted his spot kick to put United on the way to a 2 – 1 win.

But amid all the furore that accompanied Eduardo’s two match European ban for diving against Celtic, post match analysis of the incident shows that Rooney may have been going to ground before he was touched by the Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia.

Rooney said:

rooney i'm not a cheat Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player.

I play the game as honestly as I can. If the referee gives a penalty there is nothing you can do.

If they want to take punishment further it is down to UEFA and the people who run the game. As players you just want to play.

Diving has been in the game for years. Probably the coverage the game gets now, with all the cameras around, it gets highlighted a bit more. But it hasn’t got any worse.

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  1. says: Duberry

    Rooney started diving before contact was made.

    He’d have been better keeping his mouth shut rather than saying he is honest, when its clear he dived.

    Its not the first time either, I think I remember him doing it against Arsenal before. Anyone else remember? or have a link?

  2. says: joe

    Duberry thats true in arsenals 49th unbeaten run he took a dive when Sol came near him in the box. But the bigger picture is other players dive like Gerrard. But due to our xenophobic and nationalistic press they would never accuse a player from the home nations. Papers didn’t even say anything when that Celtic player got sent off for diving a week after all the Eduardo stuff.

  3. says: Cypress

    You all are clearly blind.. Wayne Rooney was in mid run when the goalie made contact with him, plus the goalie got NONE of the ball, you can see ass the side of his torso hits Rooney. Plus you have to take in consideration that he had to brace himself for the hit, maybe that’s why it looks like he’s diving. For instance in American football, when someone is preparing to take a shot, they brace themselves, making it seem like they are trying to avoid it or diving to the ground.

  4. says: Stephen

    Well, it looks like a dive, but i am a big rooney fan. well from what i saw, rooney miss stepped on his push and was clearly falling before the keeper contacted.

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