Wayne Rooney Nike Golden Boot

As if further incentive were needed, Nike offered Wayne Rooney half a million pounds to win the Golden Boot at the 2010 World Cup.

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Wayne Rooney is playing arguably the best football of his career. With World Cup 2010 on the horizon England fans will be praying that their talisman stays in this form and stays fit.

As if helping England win the World Cup was not enough, Rooney will have another incentive pushing him on to score vital goals for England come the summer…

Nike Offer £500K Golden Boot Prize

Rooney’s football boot sponsors Nike, have according to the NoTW, written into Rooney’s contract a prize of £500K if he wins the World Cup Golden Boot.

To pick up the colossal wedge, Rooney would have to score more goals than the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, David Villa and Luis Fabiano…no mean feat!

The bookies have Wayne Rooney as their joint second favourite to win the Golden Boot Trophy, which would make him only the second English player to have ever won the Golden Boot.

The last English winner of the World Cup Golden Boot was Gary Lineker at Mexico 86, he finished the tournament as top goalscorer with six goals.

Golden Boot winner Gary Lineker'  scores against Poland in 1986.

Only four times out out of the 18 tournaments has the Golden Boot winner also won the World Cup Trophy. In 1962 Garrincha and Vava of Brazil shared the Golden Boot with four other players, each netting four goals each. Mario Kempes of Argentina in 1978 scored 6, Paulo Rossi of Italy in 1982 with 8 and most recently Ronaldo of Brazil in 2002 again with 8 goals.

The most goals ever scored in one tournament was back in 1958 when the Frenchman Just Fontaine scored a total of 13 goals. France only managed 3rd place as Brazil took the trophy.

However, Ronaldo of Brazil has scored more World Cup goals than any other player with a very respectable 15, unfortunately he is very unlikely to feature for Brazil in the 2010 World Cup.

Previous Golden Boot Winners

golden boot winners

Do you think Wayne Rooney can win the Golden Boot? If not, who will?

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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    Luis Fabiano has a good shot, his goal ratio for Brasil is phenomenal. Brazil are looking a lot stronger this world cup so I wouldn’t be surprised if Fabiano stepped up.

  2. says: Jed

    I think a fit Rooney has a very good chance of winning the Golden Boot. Not just because England have a relatively easy group, but also if Fabio continues to play him up top with Heskey, Heskey will be provider.

    I wouldn’t rule out Villa or Torres either. The only thing with the Spanish is that they are more likely to share the goals out.

    Shame Ronaldo can’t make one last swansong for Brazil mind….

  3. says: Kyle

    Jed – Agreed, I think it’s a shame that Dunga’s freezing Ronaldo, Ronaldinho etc. out of the squad but that said I think all legends have to come out of the Limelight at some point.

    I suppose it’s tougher for us, because these are the best players of the generation we grew up in!

    Aussie Lad – if you’re going based on goal ratio, I’m gonna go find out what Puma are offering Peter Crouch if he wins the Golden Boot!! 😀

  4. says: Fuzzy

    Ronaldo should make the squad ahead of lazy moaners like Robinho, he’s the kind of person to come on in the Final and score a winning goal, making him even more of a legend

  5. says: jimbob

    i dont think that that kind of pocket change will prove an incentive for Rooney, i have a feeling his love of football will be enough! so lets hope that he gives it to G.o.s. hospital or similar.

  6. says: martincillo

    top comment jimbob !
    rooney have everything to be the Golden Boot, but be careful with villa fabiano and torres

  7. says: Dalton Martin

    I doubt any Argentine will come away with it other than Tevez. However I think Rooney will win it. Theres a chance that Fabiano could as well

  8. says: Efren

    Torres is going to win it all the golden boot and the world cup trophy. As long as he gets his form back not only is he going to be unstoppable but Spain is going to be also.

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