As mentioned earlier in the week, Crisitano Ronaldo had christened his Superfly II’s with a delightful double – so you think he’d be happy with Nike’s newest.

But, when the derby game is on the line, Real are a goal down, your trademark free-kicks are barrelling over and wide, the defender seems to anticipate nearly every stepoverand even your headers are spinning wide – what’s a player to do to turn the game around?

In this Galactico’s case, a change of football boots is well within reason.

At the half-way break, Ronaldo was distraught at his performance in the Superfly II, and emerged for the second half in his Yellow/Black/Gold Superfly I‘s.

Extra-keen boot-spotters will be keen to note the choice of soleplate on his Superfly I‘s – Soft Ground.

An all-too rare sight – the Mizuno Wave Ghost on the feet of a pro!

Perhaps the NikeSENSE studs of the Superfly II‘s weren’t coping particularly well on the Bernabau’s turf – leaving Ronaldo little option but to go for a more traditional 6 screw-in stud model?

What do you think of Ronaldo’s switch? Does this out the NikeSENSE stud as a gimmick? Do you think that it’s a typical case of breaking in new football boots? Or do you think it was more a superstitious more on Ronaldo’s past?

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  1. says: tonyspeed

    He was slipping bad with fg studs that are supposed to help you NOT SLIP. I was laughing. It was like a nike anti-AD. This just goes to show you: “Don’t believe the hype.” Pros should be using SG shoes because they play on soft well-manicured surfaces.

  2. says: wahi

    Personally i think most of the pros feel the NikeSENSE studs are a gimmick, since most of em are using the SG soleplate

  3. says: Perry Groves

    Its clear he only changed because he needed a SG boot. Saying that though when you buy a new pair of boots and dont perform you begin to wonder if its the boots. Change back into your nicely worn in old pair and if you start playing better and it confirms your superstitions! Personally I think any boot takes time to get used to no matter how good it is. There is nothing quite like well worn in boots where you are used to the touch and feel and that only happens over time.

  4. says: Blair

    comments are bang on like but i do have to mention the fact that back when nike first had the idea of an elite boot (the SL version of the vapour iv) Ronald0 didn’t wear them because nike changed the stud design! and they have done it again, maybe he just likes the old stud layout.
    But probably its just because the ground was to soft for FG studs ha =P

  5. says: Danny

    He probably changed back to superfly 1 because it has a mixed sole of fg and sg studs. Also the superfly 1 is lighter with the SG so why put the superfly 2 SG boots on when the superfly 1 boot might be lighter even with the mixed studs that makes his boot probably heavier then the normal SG. This isn´t good for nike and i see more players switching during halftime to the old superfly 1 spot Tosic from Koln the first half he wore superfly 2 and the second half he wore the superfly 1. This is not good advertising for Nike.Adidas coming with the Adizero is a very good thing so Nike has to step it´s game up and become cheaper. Ill be wearing superfly 1 or Adizero probably Adizero because they are 50 grams lighter! I have a UK 10 Supefly 1 its 210 grams and not 185 and the adizero UK 10 is 167 grams! Thats a big difference and worth the money!

  6. says: Nick

    I’m sure it was a combination of factors. He was slipping in the first half because he was wearing fg’s and the field was wet. His poor performance also maybe made him a little superstitious and maybe the Superfly II’s most likely had not been broken in enough for him. He probably changed to feel more comfortable, physically and mentally.

  7. says: fifinho

    needs to break them in? I don’t think so, he’s had more than enough time

    superstitious? us footballers can be pretty superstitious (at least I know I am!) so I wouldn’t be surprised

    prefers the SG? I would say more than likely. A lot of pro’s do, especially in England where Ronaldo has spent a lot of time playing. Switching to NikeSENSE FG studs would take some time in theory but either way this is just bad publicity for Nike.

    if the “best player in the world” prefers the old Superfly’s then I’m sure a lot of other people will too

  8. says: tito933

    You know ronaldo isnt the only one that has done this. I noticed that Pedro (BFC) switched from the superfly II to the I’s during half time, nani and marcelo dont even like the superflys, the wear the vapor VI’s but not to comfortably it seems.Honestly the only one that really seems to like them and hasnt swtiched them off is Ibrahimovic. Frankly I dont like the vapor superfly II of the Vapor VI, the seem way to gimmicky and seem to sacrifice the quality and comfort they used to be known for. I think nike has to look at what is going on with their boots during early release and find something to do about them before everyone looses faith in the vapor series. I think this is gonna be the perfect time for adizero to strike and overtake in the speed boot race would be now that everyone isnt looking to happy with the vapors.

  9. says: np9

    tito993 – Marcelo wears Superfly II, not Vapor VI, you can identify them because of their carbon fibre outsole instead of the glass fibre one that Vapors VI sport. But you are right about Nani, he has always chosen Vapors above Superflys.

  10. says: jordan

    Wow so Nike didn’t claim that these superfly 2’s were SG boots, they’re more of a “hey, this is a slick FG surface that I might slip in but it’s still not wet enough for SG’s”. of course nikes not gonna create a super all weather, one sole non removeable studded boot, then they’re SG market would go away. the superfly 2s were made so that you only slip 10% of the time instead of 30% if the time (hypothetically). if you don’t like the technology, don’t get ’em then

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