Nike’s ‘Who is Superfly’ campaign has somewhat fizzled out towards the end of the season. Having leapt out the blocks with the backing of Ibrahimovic, Walcott, Ozil and Lennon, the Superfly III‘s primary campaign never reached a satisfying conclusion!

But, as always Nike can count on Cristiano Ronaldo. Seemingly dragging the campaign back to life by it’s laces, the lifelong Mercurial Man returns in this latest ad.

Despite missing out on the league title and the Champions League final this year, it’s hardly been an unproductive one for Cristiano Ronaldo. As well as securing the Copa del Rey for Real with a marvellous headed effort, the Number 7 also smashed the record for most goals scored in a season with a tally of 53 in all competitions!

To honour this unparalleled achievement, Nike have teamed up with the Portuguese speedster to create a brand new video. Similar in ways to the now-year-old classic ‘Write the Future’ event, the 43 second long clip starts with the former Manchester United man in his national team kit, peeling away from his marker and embarking on a sprint to get into position.

Along the way to the 18 yard box, the focus shifts onto the Superfly III on Ronnie’s feet and the stadium is replaced with neon lightning flashes and luminous backgrounds that have characterised Nike’s campaign for their new speed football boots.

The ad careens along, cramming loads of cool camera tricks into it’s short run-time and interspersing comments from fans on the Nike Football Facebook page for good measure.

Unlike the Simpsons-starring Write the Future ad from the World Cup, this ad finishes up with the outcome in little doubt as Ronaldo skims a touch off the outside of his Superfly III and hammers the ball home!

One question we have, though, is why is CR7 not in the Nike CR Safari? We’d have to guess that this video was filmed before the launch Ronaldo’s new signature football boots, and had to remain versatile as to when it would be used.

What do you think of this new video?

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  1. says: Zpuckz

    Splishy-splashy. Splash all you want little duckie a duck in a pond is still just a duck in a pond… Football is an art form that some just dont understand (Nike/Cr7/Mou/Madrid)…It’s about HOW YOU EMBRACE IT not about how much of it u chew up. You can’t buy it, take pictures of it, make videos of it, PR it, sell it. Football is learned, lived, smelled, felt, & shared through your team. When you and your TEAMATES leave blood, sweat, & tears on the pitch just for the chance to outcry that sweet united cheer of goal u REALLY start to understand the art-form football really is…so splishy splashy all you want little duckies. The rest of the world has a historic FOOTBALL game to witness tomorrow

    1. says: Zpuckz

      I rest my case…sum people just do’t get it. To these people the ends justify the means..quantity replaces QUALITY…its the disease america is spreading thru their big corporations like Nike/Wal-Mart/Mcdonalds/etc at the expense of all the little duckies splashin and makin a ruckus in their little ponds

  2. says: Ngjohnson38

    Messi was helped by the whole team… too.Who isnt helped by the whole team when playing soccer?  It’s so tiring always comparing the two in every website, magazine, newspaper, tv, even my grandpa!  stop already.

  3. says: Dohcrico

    Just bcoz helped by their team,good support…..who is CR7 with Portugal……Messi with Argentina……very dissapointed…..hahaha

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