Has Ronaldo skipped out on wearing the latest version of his signature Nike CR7 Superfly III football boots?

Cristiano Ronaldo plays in the Nike CR7 Superfly III football boots but are they really the Mercurial Vapor VIII?

Whilst the Portuguese winger rested on the bench for this week’s UEFA Champions League match with Dinamo Zagreb, we looked back at Ronaldo’s debut in the new Nike CR7 Superfly III against Valencia and discovered some interesting findings.

At first, we thought Cristinao was just sporting his signature mixed-stud soleplate, but as these exclusive pictures show, Ronaldo’s new football boots feature none of the carbon fibre we’ve come to expect from the Superfly III.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays in the Nike CR7 Superfly III football boots

In fact, the Madrista’s soleplate is completely unrecognisable to the ‘standard’ Superfly.

Whilst there’s the chance this particular pair of' football boots is just a particularly-heavily customised version for the Portuguese winker/winger, this soleplate has a lot in common with that of the blacked-out Mercurial Vapor VIII‘s we’ve seen him wearing constantly in training.

If we had to guess, Ronaldo could well be wearing a pair of the Mercurial Vapor VIII‘s that are disguised under his extravagant new colourway to play his matches in, ahead of it’s launch next year.

Cristiano Ronaldo trains in the Mercurial Vapor VIII
The stud layout certainly looks a lot like this…

Whilst we’re obviously gutted that Ronaldo might not play in the Superfly III again, the fact that he’d go to such lengths to play in the Mercurial Vapor VIII must mean that it’s a very special boot indeed!

..Theo Walcott trains in the Mercurial Vapor VIII

…and the glass-fibre sole certainly looks near-identical to these!

We’ll be keeping a sharp eye on Ronnie’s football boots over the next few games, and if you think you spot something – drop us a line on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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  1. says: TS Ted Park

    I’m sure you guys seen images of the new MV floating around the web! Flywire is awesome don’t get me wrong, but does it really do much? MVIII was the best vapor model out there no doubt in terms of comfort and function.

    1. says: Anonymous

      +1 Have been the last favorite boot since. IV’s came out and was disgusted, and consecutively they kept coming out and the worse I have been disgusted. Up to the point that you cannot force yourself on liking them, cause if you don’t like them, you simply don’t like them.

    2. says: Love For The Game

      So true. The MV III’s were a thing of beauty. From comfort and speed, right down to the distinctive vapor design on the heel. Since the IV’s, there has been a crazy obsession with tedious lace covers, disgustingly bright, mix-matching of colours, and random, obnoxious designs on the boot. Even Ronaldo (the real Ronaldo) who made this boot legendary, decided to wear the Tiempos because I’m sure he was fed up with the rapid decline of the brand.

  2. says: Frets

    Andy Carroll best ever player,tops messi and pele by a mile,his touch pass shot and technique is miles better than both of them.anyone who says different is a bit dim or blind.

  3. says: Hussano

    No way he probably pick p the wrong cleats because i just oredered in 430 dollar cleats and if he doesnt wear those im gonna get my money back i only bought them because he has them!

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