Cristiano Ronaldo is Fifa World Player of the Year for 2008.But what does the world really think of him? Nike are asking that very same question – love him or hate him?

LOVE HATE ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has added the highly coveted Fifa World Player of the Year award to his growing list of honours for 2008. The 23 year old Portuguese international, who went through the majority of last season wearing the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV (having previously worn the Vapor III as well as debuting the SL in the Champions League final) is the first Premier League and Manchester United player to win the prestigious acolade since its inception in 1991.

Ronaldo received his award from Brazilian legend Pele having beaten last year’s winner Kaka of AC Milan, Liverpool’s Fernando Torres and the Barcelona pair of Lionel Messi and Xavi to the title.


The 23 year old superstar reveals that the love-hate reaction to him is ‘not a problem’, and is actually something that he takes to heart to make him stronger – as a player and as an individual.

Looking closer it seems Nike’s advertising machine is at work again with a cameo appearance of Ronaldo himself as an adoring fan.


Nike seem to best sum up the phenom that is Cristiano Ronaldo with this:

grafite There are players over whom there is no debate. They never anger, never incite, never raise a question or a comment. And then there are those who provoke. Whose sheer brilliance strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies and hope into the hearts of their fans.

Young boys everywhere dream to be them or beat them. They are the ones we can’t help but feel deeply about.

But love them or hate them, When it comes right down to it, and the evidence continues to pile up, even the greatest critics can’t deny the insurmountable truth.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Full List of Honours for 2008

FIFA World Player of the Year, Balon d’Or

PFA Players’ Player of the Year

PFA Fans’ Player of the Year

PFA Premier League Team of the Year

FWA Footballer of the Year

Barclays Player of the Season

Barclays Golden Boot

Barclays Merit Award

European Golden Shoe

Uefa Club Forward of the Year

UEFA Club Footballer of the Year

FIFPro World XI

FIFPro World Player of the Year. [poll=17]

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  1. says: kyle

    C.Ronaldo has great footskills and presence on the ball, but he really isn’t a great team player. Sometimes he tries to do way too much, gets knocked down and it takes him like 10 minutes to get back up and start playing. I end up yelling at my tv screen “Get up Pussy!” He doesn’t seem to have the fight in him like players such as Brian McBride. And on a last note, he dives way too much. He just seems like a fancy diva to me.

    1. says: CHACZ


  2. says: kevin

    Well im a gunner tooh but hey you have to give credit when credit is due..
    Christiano is hands down the best player of the year for 08.
    And players sponsered by nike are usually cocky, but at the same time they are the best.. So you can’t really blame them. Henry, rooney, ronaldo.(brazilian). Hands down the best players in the world at that period in time..
    Now its christianos time..

  3. says: Roman

    It’s not really a question of love or hate. Fact is he won all these awards, scored all the goals, won mostly everything he competed in. He is just the best, and because every team doesn’t have someone like him he is going to be vastly hated. There are so many players out there that are doooche bags but they are not the best in the game so, in turn they are looked over for their sh*t. John Obi Mikel, Arshivan, Blanco, Ruiz, Cafu, El Hadji Diouf…the list goes on. But whatever, keep hating on Ronaldo.

    1. @Roman are u calling Cafu a dooche bag? I tell you what he is far away from that, it is hard to find someone that doesn’t like him as a players and as a person. Cafu is and incredible person on and off the pitch, you should see all the charity work he does over in Brazil. I never heard of any charity work done by C. Ronaldo, apart from crashing his Ferrari and dating Top models.

  4. says: Nath from australiaaa,, yeh thats right we even watch epl down here 2!!!

    like most people have aleady said hands down cristiano ronaldo was the best player in the world 4 2008. but i also agree with some of the other people 2, he dives way to much when he could just play it on and make the most of the advantage. and hes going thru a time where he thinks that manchester united is a great club, but real madrid is the best so he wants 2 go 2 the best club (they are not but he thinks they are) and eventually he will realize that it wont suit him. he has it better at united anyway over all i like him but hes gotta be a little less coky.

  5. says: Alex

    Ronaldo was definitely best player of 2008, but he could be so much better if he could get over himself and play as a team, I used to be a huge fan of him…but his diving and stupid mistakes irritate me when watching…he can be better…he just has to stop thinking hes a superstar

  6. says: ronaldinho80

    he’s not that good plyer so won these awards only because no good players like ronaldinho, kaka, …etc… was nt up to their best!!! do you agree???

  7. says: molly devine

    i think ronaldo is a good footballer the best one i have seen in the world i wish i could meet him one day that is my big dream for me and my brother to meet him ronaldo my brother thinks you are really good at football and he uses your tricks he wants to play for man united one day. molly xxxxxx

  8. says: CrisTefy

    Cristiano ronaldo…the best 4ever… I just wanna say: I love Cristiano!! I love you so much with all my heart!! my dream is meet you..
    I dream with meet you… you are my dream.. my love.. my obsession… my all.. =D

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