RomaDavid Pizarro, the Roma midfielder, has criticised Cristiano Ronaldo and branded him arrogant.

ronaldoThe Chilean midfielder David Pizarro was booked at the end of the first half of Manchester United’s victory over Roma last night, for fouling Ronaldo after he showboated.

It’s a bit of an unwritten rule amongst professional players, that you do not try to make an opponent look foolish by showboating, Pizarro felt Ronaldo was doing this.

Pizarro said:

PizarroThere is no doubt that he has quality, but it is also true that he has a big head.

Some of his little tricks in the middle of the pitch were unnecessary and he needs to show some respect to his opposition. You can bet that we will have something to say about it in the return leg.

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  1. says: Brian

    I like Ronaldo’s tricks, they make the game funner and more interesting he knows he’ll probably get head hunted after but when your arguably the best let people know why. If Pizarro is so pissed just show him up or play better, don’t complain, keep it on the field.

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