We like to keep our ear to the ground for all sorts of fun things here at, and freestyle tricks are definitely high on our special list of ‘Things That are Fun’.

Some of the Brazilian websites that we like to keep an eye on have been going wild for this clip of AC Milan’s Ronaldinho popping a new move in a warm-up.

Some of the bigger websites are calling on their readers to name this new move and we thought it’d be a good idea to get you guys to have a go at doing the same.

Some of the Brazilian readers are dubbing it typically elegant things like; Gaucha Roullete, The Ronaldinha, The Pass-no-look-back and the Canarinho – we were hoping you guys could come up some more flavourful ones!

Around the office we’ve already coined it the ‘Are You Watching Dunga?’ and ‘The Quarter-finalista’- but we’re sure you can do better!

Drop us your best in the comments below!

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