Ronaldinho Football’s Biggest Earner

Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho has surpassed David Beckham as football’s biggest earner.

Tiempo RonaldinhoAccording to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, Ronaldinho should earn a whopping £17 million during 2006. David Beckham, who has this year been dropped by England and has appeared more often as a substitute for Real Madrid, is said to be earning a mere £12 million.

Ronaldinho’s earnings are made up from his club Barcelona, who provide him with a salary of £6 million and he receives in excess of £700,000 per advertising agreement for companies like Hyundai, Danone and Lay’s chips.

His biggest contract is said to be with the American sportswear brand Nike. Nike has made him the only footballer to have a high profile clothing label known as the 10R collection.

As part of Ronaldinho’s 10R collection, Nike has launched a signature football boot, The Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho Football Boots

View the Nike video’s…

Touch.gif Dream.gif Reveal.gif

Tiempo Ronaldinho Tiempo Ronaldinho Tiempo Ronaldinho

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