We introduced the Ronaldinho DOIS football boot last week, which got a mixed review. Here are some new images, including an out of shape Ronaldinho.


Ronaldinho looks to be at a crossroads in his career. It would seem that Barcelona are looking to cash in on him, with AC Milan and Manchester City, both UEFA Cup competitors, chasing his signature.

His form has been poor and rumours of living a lifestyle inappropriate for the former World Player of the Year, look to be true based on his physique.

Despite all that, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, as his mother named him, has launched his new football boot, as we reported last week, in the article RONALDINHO DOIS.

The Ronaldinho DOIS has had mixed reviews from the Footy Boots community. Emails and comments have been both praising and slating this new football boot. Take a look at these new images and make up your own minds.




Detailed stitching and Ronaldinho’s inscription “Eu jogo com mÄ‚Ĺźsica na cabeÄ‚§a”, meaning ” I play with music in my head”.


Ronaldinho in action. Is it us or does that midriff look like Ronaldinho needs a bit more action?

Ronaldinho overweight

It certainly looks like that mid-section is protruding.

Check the spec on the RONALDINHO DOIS

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  1. says: B

    still like these boots, shame about the tummy, but once he moves away from barcelona that should all go, was far too comfortable there, injuries didnt really help him either, lets hope his recent charity match performance carries on, he was in true showboating form.

  2. says: chris

    wow! hu sees that belly on ron lool looks like sum1 really did eat all the pies!!

    n hey if he does go 2 ac or man city thew boots wud b pointless coz the #10 are taken by seedorf n bianchi

  3. says: Toby

    I’m not trying to diss Ronaldinho even though I’m a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, but I don’t like these boots. I’m 100% sure that they have an amazing feel on the ball but the original 10R had a cool look, these new boots look like they won’t even last a long time because of the “quilted” look, it looks like if one stitch get’s out of place the whole thing will fall apart.

  4. says: dominic

    i do think ronaldinho should leave barca for milan there are way more brazilians and he would fit in perfectly and link up with kaka and pato. and the boots don’t look as good but i reckon they will execute a better technique and connection with the ball but i don’t know how fast you could be in the boots

  5. says: Sion

    I really like these football boots, they are unassuming, look comfortable and the colours look great too.

    As for Ronaldinho’s waistline, I can only think that he’s hoping he can burn that off at the Olympics – what a porker!

  6. says: Splinter09

    Well I don’t like the boots, actually this brown one aren’t to bad, and for Ronaldinho i just hope he gets back to his top form, football misses his tricks and his “beautiful” smile. lol

  7. says: Nick

    i have recently brought tese boots. They are the most comfortable boots i have evr had . i have two pairs of boots a season and i have been playing 10 years. i am 16 now. they connect well with the ball. there is one downside though, they are not waterproof at all. !! after 5 minutes of playing in the dew my feet are SOAKING.

    he needs to go to the gym!!

    1. says: Mark

      hello,im looking forward to buy this shoe,and i wanted to ask you what you can say about how long thes last because i ve read that they dont last long…
      whats your opinion?

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