Robson Sacked, Cesc In Contract Talks, End of Ronnie?

Robson to Leave Sheffield United

It looks ominous for ‘Captain Marvel’, Bryan Robson. Signs suggest that he has parted company with Sheffield United. Robson took control in May, after Sheffield Utd were relegated. Targeted with promotion back to the Prem, he has fallen short with just 9 wins out of 32 fixtures. link

Cesc In Talks With Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas is renegotiating his contract with Arsenal. The Spaniard is keen to stay at Arsenal and has only another 6 years on his contract, he’s looking to extend it. Si Senor Wenger, hasta 2050 es bien. link

Beck’s Losing Popularity

They seem to be catching up with David Beckham over in LA. Golden Balls has had a pasting from the Los Angeles Times. “So far Beckham has done nothing to advance the sport in L.A., his arrival here is the most overblown story of last year”. Sorry guys, you wanted him, and we don’t want him back. link

End of Ronaldo?

Ronaldo has a potentially career ending injury. We’re talking about the buck toothed porker now, not the pumped up winker. Ronaldo, who was due to face Arsenal this week for AC Milan in the Champions League, ruptured his tendon in his knee. Last time he did that he was out of the game for two years! link


Real Madrid were confirmed as the richest football club in the world, Man Utd and Barca took 2nd and 3rd spot. link

Tottenham‘s players have shed weight since Ramos took over, but they have been told to work more lard off. link

Yakubu did the traditional thing after the Africa Cup of Nations – he went AWOL from Everton. link

Samuel Eto’o would welcome Didier Drogba to Barca. “A team with Messi, Henry, Drogba and me is possible in the pitch without anybody having to leave the club. It would be a super-offensive team.” Add Ronaldinho and they are playing 5 up top. Bring it on…. link

Legendary old man Romario is still playing football in Brazil, but he failed a drug test last November. Luckily his Mum cam up with a great reason for proving positive “It is anti-baldness. Why doesn’t someone have mercy on him?” Nice one Mum. link

WAGs (wives and girlfriends)

Ashley’s WAG Cheryl Cole has been in Thailand, taking a break whilst the tabloids find all the women Ashley has been naughty with. Pictures show Cheryl has gone rather ‘Posh Beckham’ like – thin! At the same time it looks like one of her bandmates (in the pictures) has been overdoing it with the sun lotion mind. Milko! Cheryl Out of Hiding

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