As the 2010 World Cup draws closer, one word will be forming in the mind of all England fans – penalties.

robbie keane nike football+ training penalties

England’s record'  from the spot in major tournaments is woeful. Who will be able to forget the tears of Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce at Italia 90 or the pizza ad from Gareth Southgate following Euro ’96? There are more example of course (David Batty look away now) but they are just too painful to dig up.

So it might be an idea for Fabio Capello, and indeed any international coach, to take a look at a new Nike video featuring Robbie Keane.

robbie keane penalties total 90 laser III

Tottenham and Republic of Ireland striker Robbie Keane takes to the training field in his Nike Total 90 Laser III’s to give a master class on scoring from 12 yards out. Issuing useful advice throughout from techniques for scorching top corners, to keeping your cool when the crowd is against you, strikers (not to mention occasional penalty takers) can’t afford to miss this.

Keane is usually Mr Reliable from the spot, a fact that has helped him amass 194 goals from 517 club appearances plus 43 goals for his country.

As for more on the Total 90 Laser III, make sure you check out the Footy Boots T90 Laser III test.

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  1. says: Duberry

    This is a useful video for pen takes like me.

    I’ve taken pen’s for my club for three seasons now and have only missed 3 from about 20 odd.

    My tip is to always go the same way and practice it, over and over.

    My games aren’t filmed so most opponents have no idea where is put the ball.

  2. says: Jaspi

    Like he said himself, it’s a different thing to score a penalty in a match than in the training. I used to be good at taking penalties when we had these competitions with our team mates on the training field, but in a match the pressure would just be too much (even if we didn’t have 50 000 people watching the game).

  3. says: keven

    As long as you keep your cool, and stay focused, the only thing stopping the ball from smashing the back of the net is the keeper.

  4. says: Mati

    pick a spot thats hard for the keeper (corners and outside curlers), keep it simple (no baggio-attempts PLZ) and dont change your mind halfway through your run-up (like me in a high school final). that way, u wont lose your team the final…i blame baggio!

  5. says: breal

    the spikes on his boots are clear…anybody know what they are made from? the boots nike is selling to the public has black spikes…

  6. says: Jaspi

    breal & ricky,

    Like many of the pros, I’m guessing Keane prefers his boots with a fixed sole-plate. I don’t remember a lot of players doing this with the Lasers, one who comes in mind is Kun Agüero back when he was using the Laser I’s.

  7. says: Souljamike92

    Keanes sole plate is like that becuz he prefers the interactive sole that was on the azt90s( i think, but that sole plate was on a different t90 boot) If you look closely at a lot of pros that’s what they are rockin’. try and catch em in games. its interesting to me why they choose it.

  8. says: RaCs

    How can you get a pair with that clear sole plate? i would love to have a pair! Its the sole plate of the 1st lazers, the AZT’s but in a transparent form!

    anyone have any ideas on how to get a pair of these? perhaps you have to custom order direct from nike at an increased price?

    thoughts guys?

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