Bayern Munich’s French superstar Franck Rib'©ry has further fuelled speculation that he could be heading out of Germany this summer by signing a contract with Nike that ties him with the American sportswear manufacturers until 2014.

The lucrative contract will see Rib'©ry bring in around 1.2 million annually in sponsorship money, while in turn promoting Nike football boots, according to German Sport Bild.

Franck Ribery endorses the Vapor Berry

Ribery was used by Nike to promote the Vapor Berry

However, the new deal is extremely controversial as Rib'©ry is said to have violated a clause in his contract with FC Bayern that he signed on back in 2007. “Annex II” in the contract stated: If Rib'©ry’s agreement with the U.S. supplier Nike expires (June 30th, 2010), he should switch partners with Bayern’s kit supplier provided Adidas offers as much as Nike. Despite this he will remain with Nike against the terms of the contract.

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told the press:

Ribery signs with NikeFranck Rib'©ry’s contract with Nike will not affect his situation with Bayern. We will not be letting him go under any circumstances.

Ribery wears the Mercurial Vapor Superfly

Bild interprets this as a sign that Rib'©ry’s agent will surely be looking for a transfer to a top Nike sponsored European club. The likes of Manchester United and Barcelona have been mentioned.

Rib'©ry’s agent Alain Migliaccio has already been quoted as saying:

Ribery signs with Nike If Manchester United sell Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Alex Ferguson would like to cover that transfer with Ribery’s signature.

Rib'©ry is contracted to Bayern Munich until 2011 and his importance to the club can’t be understated. His performances last season saw him crowned as Player of the Year in Germany and his native France. As such, the flying winger is one of Nike’s posterboy’s for the newly released Mercurial Vapor Superfly (which he wore last night, scoring the winner for France versus Lithuania) and could potentially be the ideal replacement for Ronaldo.

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  1. says: Jed

    Now the boot brands are influencing where the players sign. Thats not good.

    Adidas should have fought this case if he signed the contract. Contracts don’t seem to be worth anything in football any more.

  2. says: jj

    What are you talking about? clueless. He doesn’t wear superfly. THEY’VE BEEN RECALLED. NO-ONE WILL WEAR THEM!!!!! He will be wearing Vapor V!

  3. says: Frenc

    JJ, think you will find that Ribery was in the Superfly’s last night – playing for France. Perhaps the writer did his research and is not clueless, ahem.

  4. says: Paul Bush

    Yep, Ribery wore it. Lennon wore it. Ronaldo wore it. Robinho wore it. Alves wore it.

    In the last report, Nike never said it was being recalled. They just said that they had spoken to the player who had experienced problems and we’re in the process of rectifying them. As far as i remember that;s what they said right?

  5. says: Kyle

    Yeah he’s also wearing them in the video in the highlights box in the top right.

    I think the Superfly’s are being recalled from retail to the public (you’ll notice they’ve disappeared off all the ads around the footy boots store & site) but will still be worn by players. Wise move really – they can keep getting feedback while they tweak them

  6. says: ace

    “he should switch partners with Bayern’s kit supplier provided Adidas offers as much as Nike”
    Maybe Adidas did not do that. if they did not then ribery didn’t violate the terms of the contract right? right.

  7. says: VB

    “If Ribéry’s agreement with the U.S. supplier Nike expires (June 30th, 2010), he should switch partners with Bayern’s kit supplier provided Adidas offers as much as Nike.”

    How did he violate the clause? It’s not June 30th, 2010 yet and his contract with Nike did not expire. He basically just RE-signed, from what I understand.

  8. says: kevin

    Addidas are wack if your looking for light, speed, and a mental edge. That’s what nike promises. Addidas don’t have a boot that really compares to the mercurial line. Predators maby. But not the ideal boot for speed..

    1. says: Dan

      How can you say a pair of boots give you “a mental edge”…
      Yes they maybe be light, and for this, they MAY make you ever so slightly faster (than if you were wearing your dads rigger boots..)

      but “a mental edge”…. please.

  9. says: Gareth

    Nike Superflys are nice, but they, nor any boot, do not give a player a “mental edge”!!

    Also, when did it come ‘the-norm’ to only wear boots because of the money / sponsorship? I think we would all agree that the boots which feel “right” for a player are the ones they go for!! Im sure Ribery, as a Professional wanted to wear Nikes because he actually likes them! Personally, I would notice the difference in Nike and Adidas, so Im sure so does he!!

    PS — Get rid of Ronaldo and bring in Ribery to Man U!!

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