Equipment Review: Tyger Paw

TygerPaw Football Boot Cleaner

Football boots are a serious investment. With some costing upside of £250, the key to getting your money’s worth lies in looking after them as best you can – and that’s where the Tyger Paw comes in!

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Tyger Paw - Brush For Cleaning Football Boots

Made from an ultra-tough thermoplastic polymer, the Tyger Paw is designed to make cleaning your football boots a doddle.

With a combination of different brush shapes and heights, the Tyger Paw aims to remove dirt, mud and rubber crumb with as little effort as humanly possible – making boot maintenance easy.

But does it work?

We put it to the test after playing on some pretty gnarly winter pitches – see how it performed, here!

Clean Machine

Tyger Paw Football Boot Brush Review

The best thing about the Tyger Paw is (and it’s unusual we’d  say this at the top of a review) it just works.

Even on the complex, cratered and crowded layouts of some of today’s modern soleplates, there’s a brush on the ‘Paw to get the job done.

Using the big wedges on the front of the Tyger Paw, removing big clumps of mud from your heel counter is a breeze, whilst the ‘Fine Scrubbers’ in the centre of the Tyger Paw are perfectly placed to lift stubborn, dried mud from between the angles of a Superfly III’s SenseStud.


Tyger Paw Review

When performing a task as grubby as cleaning muddy football boots, durability is going to be a huge factor.

It’s just as well, then, that the Tyger Paw is neigh-on indestructible! Not only does it feel solid and well-made in your hands, the material the brushes and nubs are made out of doesn’t absorb any water. Meaning that even if you leave it in your kitbag over the summer and forget about it, the brushes on the Tyger Paw won’t have turned brittle.

All this, and the Tyger Paw is soft and supple enough not to damage the upper of your football boots, whether it’s synthetic or leather.


Review of the Tyger Paw Brush

The Tyger Paw has so much going for it, it’s hard not to recommend to just about any type of footballer. Versatile enough to cope with scooping off mud as easily as loosening that pesky rubber-crumb of modern artificial pitches, and comfortable enough to use so as not to make boot-cleaning a chore.

If you’ve got an expensive pair of football boots and are looking for the easiest way to keep them tip-top, the Tyger Paw is the high performance/low investment piece of kit that you’ve been waiting for.

Order the Tyger Paw Pro Cleaning Brush

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  1. says: Steven Robb

    saw this in barratts the shoe shop just before xmas. distinctly remember it because i was really taken by it, then flipped it over and discovered it was ÂŁ30.

    needless to say, it went back down. i like clean boots, but not for that price!

  2. says: Paul Smith

    ” the Tyger Paw is the high performance/low investment piece of kit that you’ve been waiting for”


  3. says: GC;

    I bought one of these when it first came out a few months ago. I have to say that it’s been excellent in cleaning my sons boots and my running trainers every week since the start of the season. Best bet is to follow the pics above and clean under a tap or in a basin( for the boots particularly). I paid 12.99, so not sure why Barrats would be retailing at ÂŁ30. At the 12.99 price it’s not bad value, as so far there has been no degrading, and I can see it lasting a long time, unlike as someone else says the bristle brushes which don’t last that well.  

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