As this article goes live, Lionel Messi is fast approaching London! So now it˘ time for us to tell you exactly where he˘ going to be.

His first game as the world˘ fastest sub is going to be taking place on Hackney Marshes around 4pm. The game˘ already started, and he˘€žË˜ll be joining it as soon as his helicopter has raced him across the city! If you want to catch him here, you˘€žË˜re going to have to be fast!

As soon as he˘ turned the game at Hackney Marshes, Messi will be subbed off and raced over to a market stall on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane in E1. He˘€žË˜ll be getting there between 5pm and 7pm, so you˘€žË˜ll need to get there faster than him though to guarantee yourself a pair of F50 adizero boots!

And as soon as everyone˘ traded in their old football boots for new F50 adizeros at the market stall, Messi will be racing over to the 5-a-side pitch taking place at Trafalgar Gardens in Tower Hamlets in E14 sometime between 6pm and 8pm.'  We˘€žË˜re looking for 9 of the quickest kids in London to play in the match.'  Are you one of them?

So now it˘ time to get racing across the city, and see if you catch him at all 3 locations!

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  1. says: harry

    adidas messed up by revealing locations , dont they know about hackney?badaman ends e9 bang bang. its a shame though as if it had been kept a secret 21 lucky guys could have had an experience of playing with the 2nd yes i said it 2nd best footballer in the world.alot of people would sell their mum just for that. in case you were wondering whos 1st, its the man with everything in his locker….cristiano ronaldo

  2. says: chris

    harry….messi is 2nd best in the world u are having a laff messi wiped the floor with ronaldo last season he had a much bigger effect on his team last season and he was miles better than ronaldo in the world cup!!!!!so dont talk crap keep ure dummb comments to urself!!ps only a man u fan would say that=)))

  3. says: El Leo

    @ Sam: Ur so right about the “yoof” of today. It would’ve been good if all those so called London Rude Boy’s understood a few simple instructions. Instead of ruining the experience for the kids. It was the same at the other locations, too many freeloaders, just looking for the free boots with too much attitude and not there to actually see the World’s best player.

  4. says: harry

    chris , remember ronaldo was injured for part of the season and with that being his 1st season he scored alot. with portugal hes like rooney carrying a nation by himself while messi has a very good team round him.ronaldos attitude and arrogance is what lets him down while today lionel messi showed what a true professional footballer he is by playing a match at barcelona then have a warm down there this morning b4 coming to london. i like that. by the way coming from london , hackney its all about arsenal. every one is entitled to their opinion and ronaldo who can play with with both feet , good at headers, fast , tricky, and has a good physic is the player i reckon is the best

  5. says: leg-end

    ronaldo is poor and can’t carry the portugal team, rooney is crap and also can’t carry a national team, no player can carry a team as it is a team game

  6. says: marcello

    sorry, but your point about either rooney or ronaldo carrying a nation by themselves is ridiculous, just because neither england nor portugal performed at the WC doesnt mean they dont have good teams. both england the portugal are among the best all around teams on the planet.

    now forlan, he’s someone who carried a whole nation by himself

  7. says: harry

    they both have good teams but if ronaldo or rooney was injured people/media automatically assumed their countrys world cup was over, which i dont think is fair on the rest of the team or individual. if messi was missing tevez, higuain, millito, di maria or even kun aguiro can all step up and do something to turn a game around. you also forgot luis suarez, his domestic goal tally speaks for itself but forlan is in my top 5

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