The Reebok Valde Pro football boot.


Colourful, I’m sure you’ll agree and also subject to some interesting claims by the manufacturer particularly with reference to power, or perhaps more pertinently, the lack of it in other football boots.

We can now reveal the thinking behind Reebok’s new football boot and show you some of the technical background which the company has released exclusively to us.

Reebok Valde Pro tech spec

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First off, Reebok argue that when a player strikes a football natural deformation of the foot occurs.'  Due to the flexibility of most football boots this deformation is not in any way prevented.'  The deformation of the boot and the foot ultimately means that power is lost when the football is struck.

To address this, Reebok has come up with the Valde, a revolutionary football boot with market first technology.

Reebok Valde Pro side

The Reebok Valde has a rigid Power Unit (a carbon fibre insert) in the outsole and additional upper technology.' '  By improving the rigidity of both the upper and the outsole of the football boots, so that they flex in one direction only, thus reducing the loss of power, the player should be able to strike the ball more cleanly and with a great deal more force.

Both these unique features allow players to generate more power when they kick a football.

This Power Unit is broken into 2 components/features.

1) Outsole

The Valde Pro has a reinforced, carbon fibre, composite insert ‘vertebra’ system within the forefoot of the outsole of the football boot. This allows the boot to only flex forward.

Reebok Valde Pro sole

2) The upper make up of the football boot

Underneath the K-leather upper on the football boot there is ‘ballistic nylon’ lining material to which rubber is bonded. This skeletal structure serves the same purpose as the forefoot of the outsole – It has a one-way stretch, thus preventing power loss by restricting certain foot movements.

Reebok Valde Pro upper

Other features of the Reebok Valde Pro


  • Kangaroo leather upper for a customised fit and great comfort
  • Medial, rubber grip zone for swerving the football. This rubber grip also provides a cleaner ball strike
  • Asymmetrical lacing, providing an increased surface area for a cleaner ball strike
  • Fold-over tongue with elasticised fastening fro a cleaner strike and metatarsal protection
  • External heal counter for protection to the heel
  • Reebok branding, together with a bi colour strip, on the heel counter gives a strong on-field identifier
  • Reebok football logo on the heel tab and inner sock ties together the complete football package


Full-length Ortholite sock liner, with high-density, Ortholite cushioning pad in the heel area.
Soft Ground (SG), thermo-polyurethane outsole with 6 removable studs for use on soft grounds.
Hard Ground (HG), thermo-polyurethane outsole with 13 conical and elliptical studs for use on firm or hard grounds.
Turf (TF), rubber outsole ideal for use on synthetic turf surfaces.

Available: Now (Launched 8th December 2008)

Price: £99.99

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  1. says: Derek

    Having had it on my foot, I have to say it was incredibly comfortable. The feel of it is very reminiscent of a Predator. I was quite impressed.

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