Reebok unveil ‘Two People in Everyone’ campaign

Reebok Sprintfit football boot wearers Iker Casillas and Thierry Henry have helped to launch Reebok’s ‘Two people in Everyone’ campaign.

henrycasillas-2-people1.jpg The football boot brand’s marketing campaign compares and contrasts the private sides of the Real Madrid goalie and the Barcelona striker with their more recognisable ‘on duty’ personalities.

The Reebok Sprintfit duo unveiled a series of stunning shadow sculptures that depict the opposing on and off-field personas of the world’s leading sport and entertainment icons.

Thierry Henry’s sculpture includes basketball materials to represent his favourite sport outside of football. Iker Casillas’s sculpture includes a copy of the romantic British comedy hit ‘Notting Hill’ – Iker’s favourite film. Other notable objects used in the sculptures include sushi, classic novels, anti-racism literature, hawaiian shirts and photographs of Scarlett Johannson.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas said: “The sculpture is great. It provides a good insight into my life away from the football pitch. The sculptors have done an excellent job – I can’t believe they’ve managed to create a perfect shadow image of me from all of those different objects. ”

henry-2-people1.jpgBarcelona striker Thierry Henry added: “The Two People in Everyone campaign shows that you can’t always judge sports people by the way you see them when they’re in action. It’s great to get the opportunity to show another side of our personalities to people.”

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