Reebok Sprintfit Football Boots

New Reebok Sprintfit Football Boots Launched

Reebok SprintfitReebok has started to release details on the new Reebok Sprintfit football boot, which is to be worn by their sponsored players, including Thierry Henry, Andriy Shevchenko, Ãker Casillas and Ryan Giggs. The Sprintfit design marks a departure for Reebok from the previous incarnation, the Reebok Pro Rage, and sees the new football boot take on an elegant and muted styling, which will be available in a range of colourways. Arsenal’s Thierry Henry is already said to be wearing the red colourway for Arsenal and blue when playing for France, and we await further details on the other Reebok players choices.

About the Reebok Sprintfit Football Boots

Reebok Sprintfit 3The Reebok Sprintfit is the lightest and most comfortable football boot that Reebok has ever produced, and is said to incorporate all the features required for the modern day professional footballer. Reebok have streamlined the football boot to remove any erroneous or inefficient parts to produce a quality football boot with the performance that is expected at this high level.

The new Sprintfit is produced using superior microfiber and impermeable Teijin to reduce weight and to produce the feeling of a lightweight football boot when it is worn to increase the player’s contact when striking the ball. This fiber also adds comfort due to its qualities of water resistance, its ability to “sweat” and retaining the shape of the football boot.

The Reebok Sprintfit has been designed to follow the anatomical contour of the foot to maximise the movement and flexibility when in use. Reebok has also taken on recent concerns on protection given by modern day football boots, by changing the design to increase levels of stability and protection. The woven exterior is used to control and to regulate the humidity and temperature within the boot, helping to reduced the the risk of blisters.

Reebok Players on the Sprintfit Football Boot

Reebok Sprintfit 2Arsenal’s Thierry Henry says “Sprintfit is definitely a boot for me. It has everything that I believe is important in a boot. It is comfortable and light. Reebok has obtained the perfect balance between weight, support and protection”. Chelsea’s Andriy Shevchenko focused on the flexibility and protection aspects, saying “Sprintfit adapts like no other boot that I have had, it is a simple design simple, but full of characteristics that help my game. It gives me more protection than other boots that I have used”.

Finally, Iker Casillas of Real Madrid said “the Sprintfit boots have very good stability, a characteristic that allows me to concentrate during the game without having to worry about the footwear. This is one of the most comfortable that I have ever had”.

The Reebok Sprintfit will be seen in action from May and will be available to buy from June with a RRP of £125.

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