Reebok Instante Pro II

Reebok are a brand that just keep on ticking over, making quality boots with minimal fuss.

While the big brands are battling it out over marketing rights and advertising time at the World Cup,  just tick over and keep developing quality football boots.

So, whenever the Bolton-Based boot business unveil a new pair of football boots, we’re always excited to see what’s on offer.

Reebok Instante Pro II

The Reebok Instante Pro II has one feature that everyone will be talking about – a customisable fit.

How does this work? Well, it sounds kind of crazy – but hear us out!

The Reebok Instante Pro II utilises Reebok’s new U-Form technology. To activate this, you warm the boots through in an Oven (we told you it was crazy!) to about 93 degrees. At which point the U-Form Logo in the heel will change colour and indicate the boots are ready for moulding.

Now, you put your feet into the boot and relax for 8 minutes.

The idea being that, the lining and some of the components in the upper become more malleable at that temperature so they’ll bend around the contours of your foot. Then, as the boot cools, the materials set into position around your feet – giving the Reebok Instante Pro II a completely custom fit!

Reebok also say this process can be performed upwards of 50 times – meaning that you could do this process every week in a season for a completely ‘Pro’ experience!

Reebok Instante Pro II

Other features included on the Reebok Instante Pro II football boots include:


Soft microfibre upper for light weight throughout the game.

Water-resistant, but breathable microfibre, providing great comfort.

U-Form technology gives the perfect fit, customized to each player™s foot shape.

TPU frame allows the player to dribble at speed, without the ball getting stuck behind them, particularly in hot weather.

3-dimensional logo printing ensures minimal weight addition to the boot.

Off-centre lacing and short tongue reduces weight, but gives an optimum fit during the game.

External heel counter provides extra heel protection and stability, together with an on-field identity.


330 grams


Anatomical Last for the perfect fit.


Power Unit outsole ensures a limited loss of power when striking the football.

Re-inforced, carbon fibre, composite insert, in the forefoot, provides energy-loading when running and minimal loss of power when kicking the football.

Full-length Ortholite sock-liner, with a high density, Ortholite cushioning pad in the heel area.

Soft Ground (SG) thermo-polyurethane outsole with 6 removable studs for use on soft ground

Hard Ground (HG), thermo-polyurethane outsole with 13 conical and elliptical studs for use on firm or hard grounds.

All sounds pretty exciting, right?

We’ve heard that the Instante Pro II will also be available in some serious wild colours – and this Pure Silver/Echo Blue/Blue Cadet is a tame colour scheme in comparison to what’s coming up!

Price: £110

Release: 1st July 2010

REEBOK INSTANTE PRO II, 8.2 out of 10 based on 59 ratings

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  1. says: Fifinho

    Definitely wanna try these boots out 😀 I’ve seen the other colours which aren’t really to my liking, I think I’ll stick to this colour. Just one thing though, if you put these boots on your feet when they’re 93 degrees then won’t they, you know…. burn your feet? :/

  2. says: fido

    lol. somehow its failed to mention whether its 93 degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. i suspect its Fahrenheit cos that would be about 33.8 degree Celcius and that is more practical.

    actually this technology can be found in your hi-performance inline skates where the inner material is made of a thermoplastic that exposed to body heat, will get soft and mould to the shape of the individual feet.

  3. says: Ali

    ok, why isnt there a FG version of this boot?
    or does hard groung mean firm ground as well?

    and if it was 93 celius it’ll be kind of hot (maybe not very with sox) to put ur foot inside the boot. but i dont think they mean fahrenheit because 34 degree celcius is really a normal temperature in summer in many countries.

  4. says: ill-d

    i think is an incredibly good idea.

    the best orthopedic insoles i have ever bought is essentially this exact idea….you put them in microwave, then when hot/warm you put them in your shoes and wear your shoes.

    a custom mold of the bottom of your foot.

    now this is a custom mold of your entire foot. this is essentially why people buy kangaroo leather, because EVENTUALLY it will mold to your foot, but im thinking this does an even better job of that.

    definitely very interesting, and probably makes for incredibly comfortable boots. ill take this over the lightest boot anyday.

    comfort > weight…..because what good is a lightweight boot if it is not comfortable?

  5. says: SpeckledJim

    1) The orange pair look amazing:

    2) As fake science goes, this is the most inventive yet surely:

    ”TPU frame allows the player to dribble at speed, without the ball getting stuck behind them, particularly in hot weather.”

    What does that even mean?

  6. says: Delmin

    Nice to see something new comin out that isn’t Nike.

    I reckon they’d score a lot higher /10 on your bootometer if they were tho 😉

  7. says: Ali

    is there an FG version of this boot???
    also i really dont think they mean 93 fehrenheit because that’s a normal temperature in summer in many countries.
    i think they mean celcius. maybe put your foot with a thick sox. but you are going anyway to buy a pair of ur size. u’ll not buy a size 12 if u wear 10 usually and just do the oven trick:)
    i think the boot should come with a manual telling exactly what to do.

  8. says: Connor Wallace

    Well 330 grams (11.6 oz) is not what id consider lightweight but for a truly custom fit id be up for it. i loved my old sprintfits… maybe ill stick those in oven while i wait for these.

  9. says: gino

    this is pretty dope. snowboard boot companies have been doing this for a couple of years now and its insane how it changes the break in time from upwards of 20 hours to less than 1. it’s great to see that smaller companies still want to make real innovations like this these days.

  10. says: channo

    ohkay, this is really… i don’t know what to say… it could be either really ground-braking technology for the future! or it could be crap…

    i’ve never come across any orthopedic insoles like ill-d had there, so putting my shoes into an oven sounds really crazy for me!
    regretfully, i gotta admit that on first impression, somehow it reminds me of some wacky Japanese inventions on infomercial (magic cloth -just add hot water, magic vacuum -sprays hot steam, magic presto -uses solar energy, etc)

    one more thing that caught my attention: “Reebok also say this process can be performed upwards of 50 times”
    hmmm, is there any chance that after a while, the shoes would go back to its original form? so we have to do the fitting customization over and over again? cuz that could be troublesome…

    anyway, haven’t had any reebok since the sprintfit lite. i’ll look forward to any updates on this 🙂

    1. says: kyle

      channo – for some reason I’d like to think they’d melt or something weird! Like after the 50th time the inside of the boot just stays as a puddle!

  11. says: gino

    well we should keep in mind that the instructions this far are to bake them for only 3 minutes. that’s pretty much long to melt cheese, but not much else.

  12. says: Karl

    93 celcius still sounds painful, socks on or not!

    mind if it was 34 celcius and it was in africa… you’d be playing fluid football.. like literally.

  13. says: channo

    hahaha, just because the shoes are heated on 93 degrees, it doesn’t have to mean that the shoes itself would be at 93 degrees. it depends on the material really…

    try heating a huge hunk of ice on 93 degrees for a couple of minutes, sure it’ll melt. but the melting water won’t reach 93 degrees 🙂

    so, except they’ve made an unbelievable terrible horrible blunder, i don’t think reebok would burn all of our footy feets 😉

  14. says: Kurve

    You’ve gotta love Reebok.

    They pay Henry loads of cash to be a brand ambassador and to promote the latest gear, yet he persists in wearing the older stuff.


  15. says: Nic

    …can anyone shout who sells these boots? have they reached the shelves? ….or they’re still in the oven? somebody get ’em outta there….!

  16. says: Editors

    Does anyone know where one can find/bye (online) reebok boots, which offers various models? (delievred in the EU)(apart from . thanx

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