Reebok Football Boots – Thierry Henry

Reebok Football Boots – Thierry Henry
Reebok Football Boots - Thierry Henry Thierry Henry has now officially launched his partnership with Reebok. With the launch of the partnership Thierry Henry also gets the title of ‘Ambassador for Reebok’.In addittion to Henry wearing Reebok football boots, Henry will also be featuring in Reebok’s advertising campaigns. Two of which are already being circulated.

One of the ad’s has a swipe at Nike (his previous football boot sponsor) and Barcelona (the team that attempted to wrench Thierry Henry away from Arsenal last year) with the strapline “See. I did sign for a new team this summer”.

The second advert also mocks Nike and Barcelona with the strapline “I don’t go anywhere without good reason”.

Reebok, now owned by Adidas, reportedly will pay £9 million to Henry as part of their football boot sponsorship deal, so it is no surprise that Reebok are milking the opportunity to show Henry off.

Reebok Football Boots – Thierry Henry

Shots of Thierry Henry’s New Reebok Football Boots – view the Reebok Pro Rage – Football Boots review.
Henry Boots 2.jpg Henry Boots 1.jpg

Thierry Henry’s First Game in Reebok Football Boots

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  1. says: Nijedinho (Malaysia)

    I dont care what types of shoes his wearing…but for what i know..he will keep blasting goals. Damn…i just brought Nike Vapor!

  2. says: rapha24mt

    Oh c’mon…His previous Nike football boots are much better! Now he may have lost his killer touch that he had with his Nike football boots…

  3. says: jay C

    Got a pair of them Reebok Strikezones, Version 4. Not a bad football boot. They feel and play completely different to Vapors though. Henry wanted double what Nike were offereing Ronaldinho to wear Nikes, to which Nike said well we have had 9 great years from him, it wouldn’t be too bad to let him go

  4. says: john from Ireland

    John from Ireland……..

    Mr Henry’

    You are the biggest cheat on the planet. You are a disgrace, you are the bottom of the shit barrel. You have ruined your name ……. I can’t believe that a player of your ability has to cheat. France should not be in South Africa …….. You are there in shame …… and disgrace. Your a stain on the soul of Football. Your a cheat !!!

    Regards an honest Irish fan … you are a cheating french thief.

  5. says: Diarmuid

    Diarmuid from Ireland

    Your contracts with commerical firms should be broken forthwith. You represent the absolute worst of the worst in football and no respectable organisation should be associated with you. I call on everyone who reads this to write to Reebok to revoke his contract.

  6. says: Jean Okonabea

    Henry is a disgrace to UNICEF and all those humanitarian programs. Fans in Africa, including me used to look up at him, I thought he does nice things with charity. Hope my South Africa can beat France, we have the home advantage. Don’t worry Ireland your fellow South Africans will boo this cheat off the field, when we play them.

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