There are certain privileges that come with being in the World’s Biggest Club (TM)

There’s the fame, the money, playing in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans week in-week out.

Oh …and there’s the football boots!

Obviously there’s not many clubs that you’d rather have trying out your boots than Los Merengues, so Nike have given Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates some of their latest colourways to play in!

“That’s what Teammates are for!”

Gago (In a new Team Red/Metallic Gold/Summit White CTR 360 Maestri) helps out Ramos with his striking Neptune Blue/Striking Yellow/Black T90 Laser IIIs. Will these be the last colours released before the Nike Elite Range?

“Purple!? Are you Serious!?’

Marcelo Viera looks like he might be sticking with his Superfly I’s for a while!

Higuan in a mysterious blacked out pair – you don’t think it could be the new adiZero, do you?

Ronaldo swaps between the original and the new Superfly II – does this mean they’ll debut this weekend?

Well, that’s all we could dig up this time out, but we’ll be looking very closely in future training sessions to bring you this news first!

In the mean time, we’re going to post any more pictures like this on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so make sure you’re in touch with us there and we’ll keep you posted on all the new boots that’re coming out in the run up to the World Cup.



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  1. says: fifinho

    the new CTR colourway looks sweet, especially with the Arsenal kit. I also noticed how the Pass-Pad is the same colour as the part of the upper that it’s on (if that makes sense) rather than a contrasting one

  2. says: MisterBroom12

    Looks like Guti has on K-leather v1.08 and Lass with blackout CTR360. That one is a guess based on the swoosh positioning on the inside and outside of the foot. They may be blacked out because he is generally a vapor wearer, or has been this season, and maybe Nike don’t want people think he is switching away from the vapor to favor another boot. Higuain is definitely wearing adiZero’s too. Man U also have pictures with Evra and Rio wearing the new K-leather Laser III in black and red.

  3. says: zc

    @fifinho – It does look like a custom soleplate

    I don’t think Higuain is wearing f50adizeroes – the lacing is too offcentre
    I think lass IS wearing ctr’s

  4. says: channo

    wow, now that’s some quality pictures! what a club…

    @fifinho: i’m not sure my friend, i kinda like how nike highlights the passpad technology by contrasting it…

    @kuuku & MisterBroom12: Guti wears puma -flashy colorways lately, so he could be wearing the v1.08 on that picture.

    Lass IS a CTR360 man. there’s already an official nike video where Lass telling stories about how he’s proud to wear number 10 in an all-star team like Madrid (not in Madrid’s jersey of course -since they’re adidas). try to look it up on youtube if u have the time 🙂

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