Reports emanating from Spain suggest that the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid is already under some strain.

Ronaldo is of course a Nike athlete, one of their most high profile. Madrid is a club sponsored by adidas. No shocks there. But it appears that some club officials weren’t happy that Ronaldo turned up for his medical, the day of his unveiling in front of 80,000 delirious fans, wearing heavily branded Nike short-sleeved top.

nike ronaldo adidas real madrid

Whilst this could all be described a storm in a tea cup (or even a t-shirt), surely it won’t come as any surprise to most football watchers that this is a situation that could easily have been foretold. Ronaldo has never been shy about showing off his Nike connection and it’s surely understandable, with their man grabbing so much media attention at the moment, that the company want to exploit that connection to the full.

Indeed, as Ronaldo walked out to be presented to the Bernabeu faithful, he wore a pair of bespoke Nike Merurial Vapor Superly football boots in Black / Voltage Yellow. Very nice they looked too.

cristiano ronaldo superfly

The subject of branded players going to similarly branded clubs is one that has been discussed before on Footy Boots. And it looks like the subject won’t be going away anytime soon.

Of course, it was all very different when Kaka made his appearance at the famous Madrid Stadium. As the picture below shows, he wore a pair of specially made adidas adiPure II’s. Doubtless,'  adidas will push the Kaka brand and also that of Karim Benzema, another adidas endorsee, for all they are worth in the early days of the new season.

Meanwhile, it may be Nike’s intention to ensure that all their professional players are wearing black based boots for the beginning of the new season, but in training, that policy seems to be rather more flexible.

With three training sessions now completed by the new superstars of Real Madrid, it seems those who prefer the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly, can’t help themselves from using an ‘old friend’.

On Friday 10th July, Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian player Marcelo were spotted in the original Superfly colourway of Max Orange / Abyss / Metallic Silver. But at the following training session on the Saturday, it was the new Superly that was being given a go in Black / Voltage Yellow.

nike vapor mercurial superfly ronaldo

The original Superfly

And by Monday at the Valdebebas Real Madrid training camp, Ronaldo at least had changed back in to the original Superfly’s once more.

Now, you don’t think this could be Nike having a bit of fun at the expense of others do you?

One more thing, check out the trainers being worn by the young boy walking out with Kaka. Whoops!


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    1. says: cb2

      lol yeh they are all saying how kaka is the addidas man when he is holding a young boys hand who is wearing….nike trainers? how does this work lol
      and too be fair, if ronaldo wants to be a nike player, why did he leave united? they are all nike and madrid has nothing to do with nike lol

  1. says: Daniel3

    “One more thing, check out the trainers being worn by the young boy walking out with Kaka. Whoops!”
    Really well said man! xD

  2. says: Michael

    Nike r messing around.

    also, kaka wears the adipure I. u can tell by the tongue of the shoe near his ankle and that the laces r on top of the boot as opposed to asymmetrical. adidas just makes the boots look like adipure IIs by changing the colors.

  3. says: VB

    Well Ronaldo went from a huge Nike club to a huge adidas club so I don’t think Nike officials had anything to do with this transfer, as much as they’d love to have. If they had any weight in his decision to switch clubs, he would not be at Real.

  4. says: Splinter09

    With regards to football boots Nike is having a laugh, but I think Adidas has more benefits on the overall picture, in the end CR9 will be wearing the Adidas Logo on his chest and shoulders for a few seasons.

  5. says: kaizer

    What are you guys talking about??? the only upset people are nike, everytime ronaldo is pictured in a real madrid shirt they lose out! they can’t be happy about him moving to a adidas club. madrid signed 2 adidas players Kaka and Benzema and nike’s biggest icon, only one brand is smiling… the only authentic football brand adidas.

  6. says: kevin

    Nike lost out on probably the biggest icon they have..

    Addidas r goiin to sell out on all the cr9 jerseys.

    Nike r losin those shirt sales.
    Now its only goiin to b focused on the cleats..

  7. says: jj

    wouldn’t benzema be the endorsER rather than the endorsEE because he is the one endorsing the brand?

    no, you’re wrong.

    nike are going to rip adidas and puma apart in the boot market in the next year, trust me, nike are the ones that are laughing, seeing ron in an adidas shirt does not compare, no debate

    1. says: dNz

      really? do you have anything to back up your argument with? have you even looked at previous year’s boot sales figures?

      also, next year is the world cup. adidas sponsored. who’s gonna rip up who again?

  8. says: Kyle

    Considering the shirt sales lost by Nike, I suspect a “CR9” line (boots being the emphasis) is in order in the near future. Hopefully Cristiano won’t start to suck like R10 did when he got his boots though.

  9. says: Mark

    Nike lost out on probably the biggest icon they have…

    without a doubt THE BIGGEST icon they have EVER HAD. H’es got more nike merchandise and commercials than anyone before, more that Dinho and R9 together.

    I honestly don’t know who’s gonna have the last laugh, nike or adidas.

  10. says: Murat

    Does anyone know how many years he has left with Nike? Because when the time expires, if he is still at Real, we’ll probably see him wearing a pair of f50s. That is, if adidas doesnt decide to release another boot claiming to turn the wearer into Speedy Gonzales(which it doesnt by the way, neither do the mercurials)

  11. says: zc

    adidas will have massive shirt sales but they can’t use CR to advertise the RM shirt as hes nike sponsored

  12. says: Al

    Adidas wins here.

    Why – because now they have publicity.

    It’s a simple as that.

    Ronaldo was all Nike, and now Adidas has got into the limelight as well.

    Thinking otherwise does not make much sense.

    Sure, Ronaldo is sponsored by Nike, however he is now on an Adidas team. Last time I checked, soccer was a team sport.

    How this move can hurt Adidas is beyond me. Sure, Ronaldo may be sponsored by Nike and wear Nike shoes, but that the shoes are all anyone is going to see. Adidas now has a direct way to get their logo plastered all over Ronaldo during games and practices.

    It does not make sense that Adidas would be losing out by having their logo on the “best player in the world”. All of the arguments that say Adidas will lose out do not make any sense at all. I’m guessing they are just from Highschoolers or Gradeschoolers with no actual marketing experience or knowledge.

    The only way Adidas is going to lose out is if Ronaldo flat out says “Adidas sucks, Nike is better” on a commercial or something – in which a lawsuit would follow and Adidas would win for defamation or something similar. So technically, not even that would cause Adidas to lose out.

  13. says: Mir Omar

    You know who really wins here? Ronaldo. He’s gonna have his name all over Nike and Adidas posters cuz of the Vapors and his team jersey.

  14. says: José Enrique

    Hola, yo las tengo pero yo que ustedes si quereis tener los botines de cr9 me esperaria a que salgan otras por eso a mi ya no me quieren comprar mis padres la nuevas k ahi azules k me gustan mucho pero da igual ya me las compraran

  15. says: murat

    I think everything will work out. Adidas will end up starting a commercial campaign under the name: Every Team Needs: The Diver- Cristiano Ronaldo, and everything will be fine again at Galacticoville.

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