Real Madrid Stars in new adidas F50 adiZero - Black / Green / White

Whenever adidas release a new boot, they can usually be counted on to support it with a flurry of additional colourways to support it. And given the latest adidas F50 adiZero was officially unveiled last week, it’s no surprise to see some never-before-seen cleats cropping up ahead of this weekend’s games.

Real Madrid Stars in new adidas F50 adiZero - Black / Green / White

As usual, Real Madrid are among the first to don the latest adidas football boots, with several members of Los Blancos using the turf of Valdebebas to break in their footwear.

Fabio Coentrao drew the most attention in a Black/White/Vivid Green version of the all-new adidas F50 adiZero. A stark contrast to the Yellow launch colourway, we don’t doubt that – should this be the secondary launch colourway – a lot of players who prefer a more old-school look to their boots will find this colourway particularly appealing.

Interestingly, with Coentrao set to wear them this weekend, and David Villa promoting them in the imagery for the new Spain shirt, we’d have to wonder whether adidas will  enforce that all F50 players in La Liga will wear this colourway, leaving the Yellow version exclusive to Leo Messi.

That said, we can’t see too many players complaining, as the Black/Green combo on the upper looks like a real winner to us!

Fabio Coentrao in new adidas F50 adiZero - Black / Green / White

Elsewhere on the training ground several players opted to wear a White/Blue/Yellow version of the adidas Predator LZ.

Whilst some players, such as Kaká and his body-double Alvaro Morata, stuck with older colourways, Angel di Maria and a handful of other Madridistas were on hand to show off the new colorway of the Lethal Zones.

Real Madrid Stars in new adidas Predator LZ - White / Blue / Yellow

As the last two Predator LZ colourways have been a little on the dark side, it’s no surprise to see this White/Blue/Yellow model providing a perfect contrast to the Black/Infrared/White model debuted by Steven Gerrard earlier in the week.

That said, with a classic white ‘base’ colour, we’re sure this new model won’t be too offensive to traditionalist eyes, either.

With two new colourways for the Predator and now two launch colourways for the new F50, we’re only left with one question; what’s next for the adiPure 11pro?

Looking forward to these new adidas colourways?

Then keep a sharp eye on over the coming weeks, where we’ll be looking at them in more detail!

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  1. says: Tarek

    I see the black and red Steven Gerard boots in the corner of the pic next to mourinho.. I’m guessing Xabi is wearing them

    Can’t wait to get a pair

      1. says: tarek

        I found them on a couple sites they said early December is when they will be available just search the name of the colorway its called black,pop, and running white

        Im kinda mad that I bought the blue ones a couple months ago.. But Ill def save up for these soon

  2. says: Tom

    Well, does anyone find it a Little bit frustrating to see a New color/model every six months ? I mean i bought the euro f50 model in september, and since there’s been New Colors, and now a New model ??!! Is adidas the New Apple ?

  3. says: c.f.

    i suppose theres new colors every couple of months now, which is kinda annoying when some new colorway is better than the one you bought just before. i suppose that i dont mind as much, as long as they dont start releasing the actual models so quickly.
    here is an example, the black/white/green adizero looks amazing, and i guess that leaves in the cold several who bought the loud yellow messi ones just bc they were out first and not bc they liked the colors. the blue/yellow/white predator is kinda alright, though it cant be seen so clearly; the black/red/white is definitely better. even i had that problem, i bought the black/orange mercurials last year and then the white/blue/purple ones came out ugh…

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