Ray Parlour has been in the press this week talking about pink boots, and the former Arsenal man wasn’t holding back. If you are of a nervous disposition or have already bought a pair of the eye-catching boots, it’s probably best if you look away now. This is what Ray had to say:

ray parlour football boots You’ve got to be banging in 3 goals a game to wear pink football boots.

Ronaldo can get away from it, Bendtner has not been great the last few games. Why would you want to wear pink football boots?

Wearing brightly coloured football boots sends out a bad message, you look arrogant or flash. Players want to kick you more when you are wearing pink boots.

If I was marking someone with pink boots, I’d certainly want to kick them hard.

So that’s clear then! But what else does the ‘Romford Pele’ have to say on the subject of football boots?

Footy Boots caught up with the two times double winner to ask those crucial football boot questions.

Ray Parlour Talks Football Boots

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  1. says: tsiptsip

    I love Ray, such a legend – great to see that the chap’s still sharp as ever! Pink boots? Bah, and with Nicky B netting 3 goals a game? What rubbish, at the moment he has several areas to improve on his game. But I don’t have doubts that by the time he’s reached his mid-twenties he’ll be capable of doing something of that sort.

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