Football boot manufacturers are always looking for the ‘extra edge’ that will set their products apart from the rest. With speed in mind, Puma have teamed up with the big boys for their limited edition v1.815 Ferrari boot. We’ve shown you a glimpse of this before but thought it was worth a second viewing as the release date is later this week.' 

The high-tech v1.815, with its aerodynamic silhouette, pays homage to Ferrari racing cars and is designed to be one of the lightest and fastest boots on the market. And at 165g, it’s lighter than even the Nike Superfly.

Puma Ferrari v1.815 football boots

Puma v1.815 Ferrari Football Boots


The lightweight Pebax'® frame constitutes the outsole base and houses a carbon fibre composite insert that enhances speed and stability. The transparent outsole offers a unique look at the boot’s engineering, while the forefoot stud configuration ensures smooth ground penetration, as well as optimal traction and maneuverability.


The upper’s lightweight textile material is highly abrasion-resistant. It has been treated with a dirt and water repellent coating to ensure an unprecedented ball touch.

v1.815 Puma football boots

Heel Counter

The minimalist external heel counter provides protection from external forces and supports the heel and ankle during sudden direction changes. The rear stud configuration is designed and positioned to support natural running movement.


The heat cut around the eyestay provides additional flexibility and softness, enabling the shoe to be tied around the foot like a glove. The off-centered lacing increases the kicking area, improving pressure distribution and reducing force from ball impact.

Puma football boots v1.815 ferrari


The Puma AptoLast sets ergonomic and aesthetic benchmarks for soccer footwear. It conforms to the foot’s natural curvatures and provides a glove-like fit that allows the upper to perfectly mold to the player’s foot.

If you think all of the above sounds impressive, then this could be the boot for you. But be warned, you’ll need a fair bit of cash and some luck. After being in development for over 2 years, the Puma v1.815 Ferrari football boots have retail price of around £250 and only 815 pairs are being made available worldwide from 27th March to coincide with the start of the 2009 Formula 1 Grand Prix season. Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (5 votes, average: 8.60 out of 10)


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  1. says: Fenboy

    Well, you have to say that Ferrari have got some serious credentials when it comes to speed.

    And, of course, even more credentials when it comes to money.

    £249.99 is some price – more of a collectors item perhaps??

    1. says: Fenboy

      On the subject of puns, I understand that former Liverpool and Real Madrid player now Setanta TV pundit Steve Mcmanaman is being approached to endorse these boots.

      Shoe-macca anyone!?!?

  2. says: Sion

    I wouldn’t shell out £250 to keep these beaut’s on the shelf.

    If I had those I’d be wearing them out on the town.

  3. says: VB

    Ha, nice Aussie.

    I don’t understand what (if anything) Ferrari has to do with this shoe, besides slapping a Ferrari logo on the shoe and having it be released on the same date as the start of the 2009 Formula season. Also it doesn’t make much financial sense to set the prices of the last few releases so high (i.e. Nike Mercurial, Puma, etc) considering how badly the economy is doing. I’m fairly certain the price will drop dramatically after a few months. That’s probably also why they’re being released in limited quantities.

  4. says: Zizou wannabe

    These pricing these days… not only this one… but are the boot companies thinking the people buying boots are not hit by financial crisis?

    I just wanna go back to Copas and Kings to save some money these days…

  5. says: rudinho9

    these babies are sick damn u think these go fast up too 300 mph haha….no really i wouldnt mind sporting these kicks …they look fast….with touch……also light ……

  6. says: martinçao

    so expensive !!!!
    they are beautiful, but what makes them diferent, the ferrari logo ??? that isnt eenoff.

  7. says: Roman

    Those are great looking. Don’t really need to worry about price since they are only selling 800 pairs. But Puma seem to be moving in the right direction with their design and technology.

  8. says: Freddy

    wow these are way nice i would love to have a pair
    but i wouldnt shell out 300 dollars they would probably rip easy since the upper is thin not to mention if someone steps on you it would hurt like hell
    over all these are some sexy boots though

  9. says: zilo

    these boots look sooo ugly!
    250 quid? no way would i buy them bt i would like to try them out and see what they feel like, 165 grams!

  10. says: saud


    i have already prepaid for this shoe and i hope it gonna fit my expectation .

    any one has the exacts time for spreading this one?

  11. says: pc5

    I ordered these a few weeks ago and they have finally been shipped. I am extremely excited for them to arrive. I also have the mercurial vapors SL which i absolutely love. I can’t wait to get my ferraris and hope that they live up to my expectations.
    Q- Are the superflys cancelled or now just being fixed

  12. says: jujuman

    these shoes are sick!!!!!but way expensive.i would get them but unfortunatly they would only sit on my shelf in a glass case

  13. says: zmsoccer

    I have just received these in the mail and im wondering if anyone knows if they come with a book about the cleat in the top part of the box. if they do then the place where i got them stole it from the box.

    1. says: OB

      zmsoccer i got these boots too and yes there should be a book in the top part of the box.its nothing special but you should have got it

  14. says: A.Pe

    they are great I order my but 20 days ago and I finaly got it they are more than I was specting I got 600 at 815 I try it on saturday the 11ht and was great feeling every body got suprise a bouth this boots..
    From 1-10 Ill give it 10++++++

  15. says: AmericanBoi

    Very nice its a toss up between the Nike Superfly or the Puma Ferrari… Wonder which one would go better with my Blue white and gold uniform?

  16. says: bynum!

    just so you all know these boots are nice yes….but they are only guaranteed to last for 5 games max….soooo if your tossing up between these and superflys…invest in the superflys as they are more reliable and wont burn to big of a hole in ur pocket!

    Hope this helps anyone…


  17. says: paul bontemps

    elle sont tro tĂ©rrible et tro confortable je ne regrette pas de les avoir achetĂ© jespere qu’elle seront marquer des but…
    Je suis parmie l’un des rare footballeur a possĂ©der cette paire de chaussure et fiere XD

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