Four down and two to go. Footy Boots is challenging the stamina of Arsenal legend Perry Groves as he continues his exhaustive set of football boot video tests.

With football boot manufacturers on edge around the world to see if Perry gives their product the thumbs up, this week it’s the turn of Puma execs for the cold sweat treatment as our Footy Boots expert tries out the V1.08.

Puma V1.08

Admittedly, our Perry may not have the build of some of the athletes in the Puma V1.08 ad, (Samuel Eto’o is probably the only player who comes close) but he was still willing to give it a go nonetheless.

To see what he thought of the V1.08, all you need to do is click here.

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  • Crap!
    Ive had these boots for about 4 months and.. they no good.. to soft.. uncomfortable believe or not… im a striker and i cant get a good hard hit with these on.. but i can chip good..
    these boots are good if ur crossing cuz they kick high.. but no power at all..
    weak kick
    last very very very long
    very light

    so if ur thinking of getting them. and u rely on power alot.. dont..

  • Sami there is a technique to using this boot that maximizes the power inherent in the design. The ball must be struck on the top of the toes at the front of the boot so that the carbon fibre chassis can be flexed. The shoe is designed to transmit kicking energy efficiently to the carbon chassis, flexing the carbon chassis and returning the kicking energy to the ball when the carbon fibre chassis reb turns to its original shape.

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