It’s quite possible that when David Bentley missed his spot kick in the Carling Cup final penalty shoot out against Manchester United, that he wanted to disappear from view rather fast.

And from now on, should he experience something similar, Puma have come up with a new colourway which will allow him to do just that.


The Camo (short for camouflage) is the latest version of the v1.08, as worn by the likes of Bentley and Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka.

Puma v1.08 Camo

Designed and engineered for the fastest players in the game, the extreme lightweight v1.08 boot utilizes Puma’s cross-category UNI construction in which the upper is stitched – not glued or lasted – to the sole.

Made from extra-thin lightweight materials and resilient textile upper with a second layer of microfibre for tactile characteristics and reinforcement, the v1.08 provides feel, grip and performance on the ball.

Just 15g heavier than the Nike Mercurial Superfly as a result of the lightweight upper, two-piece outsole construction and the product’s removable carbon fibre chassis.

Also includes the iconic Puma cat branding and v1.08 logo on the tongue, complemented by asymmetric speed lacing with special lace loops for a modern on-field look.

Weight: 200g

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  1. says: Sion

    I don’t get why boots have to come out in styles/colours that are so removed from what football boots should be.

    Bring back plain black!

  2. says: Roman

    I admit these boots are kinda ugly, but get over it with your “plain black” boots. There are plenty of boots in black, you can’t expect these companies to come out with new boots and make them black.

  3. says: ill-d

    i agree with sion, black boots are class. a bit of color isnt bad, as long as the primary color is black (in my opinion).

    I dont think these camo boots are that bad…at least, not as bad as all those fruity nike colors like berry pink and lime green.

    well, to a point…i think colored boots should serve a purpose such as aligning with team colors/uniform. if you have a red team color, red boots seem logical. and i guess a pink uniform would be alright to have a “berry” boot…

    but what get me (as a graphic designer) is when players wear screaming colors that dont match whatsoever with the team’s uniform…like having a red jersey with neon green boots. a bit tacky, but my line of work makes me sensitive to horrible color combos.

    back to the pumas:
    perhaps there are some camo teams out there? lol

    oh and of course if lime green or pink boots are your thing, pay me no mind. to each their own!

    1. says: Goalie

      I will buy these to compliment my predator powers and I agree with ill-d totally cuz some color is great but non-team colors look tacky. And like he said if it is your team color than fine ,but their arnt any citron colored teams Out there. My team obviously isn’t camo but we are green and black

  4. says: martinçao

    hahahaha, nice comment ill-d, fruity colors hahaha, i agree with you ill-d.

    wow they are a very light, nice boot, and nice color:)

  5. says: slfc

    Very bad idea. Puma never have made a good-looking boot. But the condition of play is also bad (exept maybe early King’s)! That’s my point of view.

    1. says: cfc bhoy

      shut up they boots r beutiful i love boots and if i had the choice of getting those boots n never playin football again a would do tht there so sexy yumm

  6. says: woody

    im looking at these boots at the moment but they say that they are a small fit i am a size 12 but will it be better if i got a size 13?

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