Puma V1.06

Introducing the Puma V1.06.

Spearheading Puma’s attack at the World Cup is the ultra light, sometimes camouflages Puma V1.06. The German company have broken the mould somewhat with this super light football boot.

Update: Puma re-released the V1.06 on it’s 10th anniversary – Puma V1.06 >>

Performance: The V1.06 is Puma’s lightest football boot to date. It has a super thin 0.4mm thick upper (ConTec). The upper is specially coated to give the leather texture, but it is much lighter. The outsole integrates with the anatomical stud positioning and pointed soft ground studs, designed to offer the best grip, maneuverability and rear foot stability. If control is paramount, then the thin upper offers a great deal of feel.

Comfort: Said to be like wearing socks! The V1.06 contains an ergonomic upper, which follows the foot’s shape.

Players: Peter Crouch, Yaya Toure, Costinha wear the Puma V1.06 football boots at the World Cup.

Price: RRP ยฃ99.

Verdict: The unusual design requires an acquired taste. With such a thin upper, power and protection is limited. However this boot has proved to be very popular with the professionals and who am I to argue!

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  1. says: Ben

    Don’t provide enough protection and get dirty very easily hard 2 clean also get damaged easily, therefore i suggest the grass coloured ones…

    1. says: Boot Fanatic

      Ive got these boots in red, gotta say I love them they are so light on the boggy pitches in winter and are much more comfortable than vapours. Plus points are very comfortable and light, bad points are no protection to feet and the upper get stained with mud

  2. says: aid

    if you get these puma v1 06 football boots you might as well wear a pair of slippers. No grip on them at all and the boot has no protection at all on them. These would get ruined very quickly.

  3. says: matt

    New PUMA boots. Where did they come from? We’re all focused on Supremacy’s and Predators and boom we’re lookin at Pele holding up blades of grass.

  4. says: dylan

    I have a pair of the Puma V1.06, the black ones, and i havent expierienced the upper ripping or breaking yet, but they are good for speed and shooting .

  5. says: Sarchi

    I have these boots but the indoor version..i’ll try to use short, descriptive words, ok ya ready? IT ROCKS!! The upper is very thin, gives me excellent control as a dribbler…its friggin light! I feel bare-footed! Which is awesome! So i’d really suggest this football boot to anyone lookin for a pair with good touch…god-like!

  6. says: Sarchi

    Dont be put off by Crouch wearing these.. just think of it as coming from the same developers who fueled & inspired the likes of Eusebio, Pele, Maradona & Cruyff..

  7. says: Katie

    I have recently bought these boots in the red. They are the most comfortable football boots I have ever worn. They fit snuggly to the foot, are extremely light, but still provide good support around the heel. So far, so good, lets hope some of the past stories of them ripping easily dooesn’t come true!
    P.S Women’s footy rocks!!

  8. says: paul

    I have recently bought these football boots in black and red on Nov. 16, 2006 like 4 1/2 weeks ago and I been having a problem with the K leather. My feet are not wide at all and I dont know how the leahter streched, but every time I play with them they feel very loose, so if any one knows how to make the leather mold to back to my foot size please email me or leave me a comment. thanks.

    1. says: paddadinho

      Run warm water in a bath tub and put ur feet inside it with the boots tied up as tightly as possible. Then wait for about 10 – 15 minutes.

  9. Hi Paul, Doesn’t sound good for you I am afraid. All I can suggest is try sitting in a warm bath with the boots on for 20 mins. Have the boots tied as tightly as possible.

    Note:Don’t have the water too hot or you may melt the glue, which can lead to splits in the football boots.

    After the 20 mins, try and leave the boots on for a while, without to much movement of your foot.

    Take the boots off and allow them to dry naturally, without heat.

    If this doesn’t help, the other option is to buy some insoles to pad them out…

    Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. says: boB

    Paul, depends on how loose they are, if not so loose get a pair of thin insoles – eBay sell really cheap thermal ones that I use for my V5 astro turf trainers, they’re like walking on soft spriny carpet. Or if it is seriously loose, get a pair of hiking boot insoles.

  11. says: Thomas

    I was thinkin of gettin these, for rugby mainly, but am kinda worried about them ripping. Is there anybody who bought these and didn’t have them rip? Or, are there any tips on how to prevent them ripping? If anyone has any advice, please reply! thanks

    1. says: nic

      hey i know this is kinda an old thread now, but i got the blue and white ones this MORNING, played a rugby game midday and the upper is already starting to rip from the sole. im gonna try to take them back tomrow >:(

  12. says: boB

    I think it was one of the lighter players of the England rugby team during the six nations was wearing a pair of V1.06 sg red. Well maybe the Puma v1/v3 suit light weight players. Players “built like tanks” often wear Nike. I’ve got the Puma v5 astro turf and the v5 fg football boots, the only reason they haven’t ripped I think is because I don’t abuse them. For rugby I suggest you stick with Adidas or canterbury nz.

    About insoles, ignore the other post, sorbothane full strike /pro insole is all you really want/need.

    1. says: TOM

      for rugby i suggest these boots be worn by the backs since they r much lighter though for the forwards etc. i think adidas or nike etc. be worn

  13. says: James

    Got a pair recently and they are great.

    What is the best way to clean these boots???
    Have never had a pair of boots with this type of material.
    Any advice is appreciated.

    1. says: Watson

      IF you want to keep the leather without them cracking and stuff, apply dubbin on them…. I have a pair of these shoes, i use dubbin on them all the time…there great but there breaking the upper part is tearing away from the soul. But it is a great shoe.

  14. says: matt

    does any1 no how 2 clean dem propaly 2 make dem last without ripping post a comment if u no pleeeeeeessseeeeeeeeeeee

  15. says: Craig

    hey everyone, i bought my pair of v1 06s the other day and they are really really comfortable and light but im really concerned about the reports that they rip from the sole really quickly. ive been told by a friend that if you look after them properly, they should be ok but the amount of people who say theres ripped is too much to ignore. Can someone post saying how to stop them ripping plz plz plz thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. says: paolo

    what ive heard about this v1.06 is truly amazing, im a fast runner so I was looking forward on getting nikes mercurial vapor or the puma v1.06.

    I read all the comments here and I am afraid that if I get the pumas, the upper will rip, can anyone suggest me on getting this ones, or the vapor.?

    1. says: boB

      might be better off with adidas predator absolute sg instead. boots being light weight isnt vital but comfort and protection are.

  17. says: luke

    ive already bought these boots they are in the post, i’m not sure what to think! i play rugby alot the position i play is fullback, its a kicking and running game. i think i shud be alright but if anyone think different please leve a comment! cheers

  18. says: james

    i had a pair of V1’s when they first came out, the red and white ones. they felt amazing to play in. they may not offer much protection, but simple solution, dont get tackled. mine ripped after around 3 months, the upper came away from the sole on the puma sign. and they stained as i didnt know how to clean them.

  19. says: paddadinho

    the reason as to why they rip is firstly because when washing the boots your meant to try to put minimal ammounts of mater on it and also scrub it lightly because if to much water gets inbetween the chassis and the upper it will fall apart like the predator absolute trx fg.

  20. says: Mongooseman

    Hi, i am thinking about buying a pair of these boots in the near future as i think they look smart as, whats the best way to keep the “ripping” down to a minimal. And is it worth the money.

    cheers ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. says: ryannn

    If you do buy V1’s you should try and find the leather ones. They cost just as much as the new non leather ones and are much more durable.

  22. says: marcus

    just brought a pair of these for £50 of ebay, but terrified after reading about how easily they come apart. After owning a pair of total 90s for 2 years i’m hoping these last at least 1 season.

  23. says: El Tray

    Hi, ok i’ve had two paris of these now, SG and FG, and they are wicked!!

    about the whole ripping thing- I seriouly drag and scrape my feet alot when playing footy, and my FG have begun to tear because of the dry ground. They don’t tear on the actual upper themselves, more around the base near the chassis at the front, but they don’t tear away from the chassis itself. No worse than nikes or preds anyway. And once the upper begins to tear they are still completely fine to play in, as there is another layer just below so you can get loads of use out of them. I play about 3 times a week, 1 day being a competitive match and mine last fine.

    BUY THEM! They make you lightning quick!!

  24. says: sean

    i’ve bought a pair of puma v1.06 football boots after wearing them for a month they are starting to come off on the side of the boots is there a type of glue that i can use
    can some please tell me?.

  25. says: ISAQ

    i use to have yellow nike vapors III untill i purchased these pumas v106 and to be honest it hasnt lived up to its expectaitions.
    i couldt get my crosses right in which wen i had the vapors i had pin-point crosses, i scored far more goals with the vapors. i have not gone bk to vapors and ive pulled in a good performance so far.

  26. says: Josh

    Hi, i play soccer/football and im a forward, i was thinking of buying the puma v1.06 but im not sure if there a good boot for a striker, if any 1 has these boots are play striker can some 1 give me some feedback

  27. says: Manuel

    im a striker with the V1s in silver grass. they feel great especially if you’re a pacy player like me. it improves your natural shot strength over time, as shooting in them is harder than in predators or lasers as there is no power enhancement. its like wearing a thick synthetic sock. good boots but have a pair of backups handy.

  28. says: Alexander Austin

    Heya, Alexio here from down-under (Aussie), I play left-wing/right-wing/striker/wing-back, variation of between depending on what players playing where and who we have on the day!!

    I have a US 10-10.5 shoe size with a rather wide front-foot, and in all my positions i’m required to be able to sprint, stop and turn at a moment’s notice, and also have precision accuracy and power when shooting or crossing, I also enjoy setting up plays (like nick carle! or harry kewell =P).

    Are Puma good for a wide-footed winger who needs pace, agility, accuracy, and power in a boot? Apparently they suit wide-footed players well, but are they light & tight? Comfortable?

    Cheaper versions of Adidas Predators did me well but they grazed the outskirts of my feet & toes badly, unless my feet are THAT fat, heh.

    I’ve saved around $400 AUS due to the fact that I’m considering buying both soft & hard-ground versions, any ideas?

    Any help would be dearly appreciated – my email is [email protected], serious help is desired!! =)

    1. says: Owngesoccerplayer

      Ive owned my Puma V1.06 K i FG Cleats for a while and just after my seaon ended the sole rippe from the upper but its not a big deal because my foot grew anyway. They are a solid cleat but dont protect which isnt a big dal beceuse i dont get stepped on much, who really does. if your feet are still growing they are definently worth it because they will last until they dont fit then rip and if your not growing then they are sill worth it. just make sure to put leather food on them after you clean every time you play if you have k leather.

  29. says: rondal

    Is it still been sold, can i find it in sports link or RSH?
    and should i get this or vapor 2/3

    which one gives a better touch and shot and which is more durable

  30. says: gant

    ive seen that that these ar quite a good boot.they have been reducde to ฤ‚ยƒรขโ‚ฌลกฤ‚โ€šร‚ล30 so i orderd them.i no they r old but who cares they are nice and lightweihght. can some 1 tell me if they r comftorbal. thanks :):):):):)

  31. says: MightyDog

    Yep they are definitley comfortable. I bought a pair 2months ago and only using them on game day to minimise damage. they are wearing a little on the front and the crease of my foot on the right. But they are a great boot and cheap now. I bought them for $27 Aussie and recently bought another pair of them for $30. They are pretty easy to clean with a wet towell.The most of the grounds are dry and hard these days so they don’t get heaps dirty. I think they are a get boot and they are cheap now so if they break, I’ve got a back up and all for under 60 bucks!

  32. says: Wombat

    Yep they are comfortable for sure. one of the best boots if not the best boot I’ve worn. Very light and feel great. I also like the traction at the front. for a 2005/6 boot they still look really good in 2009. They do wear at the front and on the crease of right foot. probably why you dont see this material all over the newer models. but I try to limit wearing them for match day only. I bought two pairs coz they are so cheap

  33. says: Predator8999

    Would anyone know where i would be able to get a pair of the puma v1.06 i fg preferrably in the grass colour but i would take anything? I wear a size 11.


  34. says: fizz

    these hurt like hell when stepped on, but they are incredibly light and offer a very tight and secure fit, with good traction and touch.

  35. says: Butler

    These are the best boots I’ve ever had, I have the white leather ones with orange inner material. Getting difficult to get hold of now though. Damn right they hurt like hell when stepped on that’s for sure and they do wear quite easily but my god they look Beautiful. They are also so light, comfortable and tight fitting for magnificent results, my favourite boots ever and I will be horrified when they no longer fit me.

  36. says: Yvan


  37. says: kevin

    I have a one of this pairs of boots and i have a question: I have a SG version of this boots but, i need to using this boots of artificial grass???

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