The Puma v1.10SL has really gone through the colourways since it’s launch back in July! White/Blue, Yellow/Green, Purple/Tender Shoots (whatever that is…) It’s good to see the second-lightest football boots in the world come full circle to something a little more traditional!

Puma v1.10SL

Launching at the same time as the White/Black/Gold Puma King Finale and the Black/Aged Silver PowerCat, it’s safe to assume that Puma are going for a back-to-basics approach for this seasons colourways, with a more classic feel to all their top-level ‘statement’ football boots.

We’re a little surprised that we don’t see White/Red/Black used on more football boots as these v1.10SL‘s are really smart looking, the black outline running around the Big Cat, toe and Form Stripe really making the Pompeian Red pop off the rest of the white boot.

Puma v1.10SL

The only criticism we;d have of the design is the whole boot does get a little ‘busy’ at the inside heel where the heel counter meets the black outline and red cat – but overall a very well designed colourway!

We’re genuinely surprised that more players haven’t plumped for the v1.10SL since their release 6 months ago, with the likes of Samuel Eto’o and Alexander Hleb having been spotted in them inconsistently. We’re hoping that this new colourway gets a few more famous faces (and feet!) into these under-rated football boots.

Puma v1.10SL

At 150g (a mere 5g heavier than the new adiZero Prime) Puma find themselves in an unusual position – on one hand their boots are now not as light as the adiZero, but thanks to the Prime’s new £200+ price tag, the v1.10SL all of a sudden look great value for money (and believe us, at £185 we say that through gritted teeth..!).

Puma v1.10SL

We want to know; What do you think of the new colourway – but there’s several other key questions we want you to answer!

What could Puma do to shave 5g off to match the new Primes? Something gimmicky like kevlar laces? Or overhaul the soleplate and replace the carbon fibre with a lighter plastic?

Also, if you were Puma – how would you market the v1.10SL now that they’re no longer the lightest football boots on the market?

Sound off in the Comments!

PUMA V1.10SL – WHITE/POMPEIAN RED/BLACK, 8.9 out of 10 based on 35 ratings

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  1. says: shaw

    one phrase for them not the lightest but money well spent because the adizeroes with there ridiculous kevlar lace no thanks

  2. says: BR3

    Baught these, and got given Adizero’s

    Really must say the SL are the much better boot, I don’t know why some people ridicule puma when they make the BEST, yes I said it, the BEST boots on the market, the designers really think about what makes a boot authentic, and don’t just do whatever they can to make a boot lighter..

  3. says: OnlyFootball

    Christian, I think he means he got given the adiZero as a gift. And as for their durability, I’ve heard some reports of slight sole separation and the studs wearing down very fast. I think if you avoid artificial grass and don’t walk around in them anywhere except on the pitch you should be fine though.

  4. says: Aussie Lad

    Yeah I bought these boots prior to their release off of eBay. They are fantastic.

    A lot of people seem to have qualms over the shape of the boot but honestly, as odd as it looks off the foot, it fits exceptionally well. I guess people are a bit shallow in wanting a boot to look a certain way off their feet.

    I’ve had mine for more than half a season and I’m starting pre-season with them again now and there is no visible wear or tear on the boots.

  5. says: Mikey

    I agree with BR3

    Adidas completely ruined the adizeros with making the prime, they added new “technology” that cut off a grand total of 5g.. WOW(sarcasm) and those boots are still shite, The puma sl are a solid boot and retain everything a footballer needs and are super light… the adizeros primes are waaaaaay too thin and we are gonna see alot of player either stick with the originals or switch to mercurials the best overall boot in the market.

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