Puma have been splitting opinion over the last week or so with a series of boldly-design colourways – and the latest in the ‘Velocity’ speed football boots series is sure to continue that trend: The Puma v1.10 Kanji!

Puma v1.10 Kanji football boots

After the huge response to the Puma PowerCat Tokyo, it seems Puma are keen to seek further inspiration from the Far East; in the form of traditional Chinese characters used in Japanese writing.

For this colourway, Puma have aptly used the characters for ‘High Speed’ in their design, and accentuated the whole upper in ‘Fluo Lime’ and ‘Team Violet’ to give a highly visible appearance to their successful entry into the speed market.

Puma v1.10 Kanji football boots

Speaking of the upper, it’ll be no surprise to find out that this design only comes on the synthetic version of the v1.10 – we can only imagine the trouble that the design team in Germany would have getting the Puma v1.10 Kanji‘s graphics onto K-Leather!

One feature that’s somewhat new to the series is the use of a further synthetic leather panelling on the outstep of the boot – covering an area that, on previous v1.10 models, is usually a synthetic microfibre canvas.

Puma v1.10 Kanji football boots

Our best guess is that the boosts these football boots resistance to water and increases their durability – as well as making the Kanji graphics easier to print on.

Whilst the upper is undoubtedly cool, our favourite feature is the way the design continues on the soleplate – specifically the characters in the background of the plastic section that starts in the midfoot and goes on to be part of Puma’s acclaimed Uni heel counter system.

Puma v1.10 Kanji football boots

On retail as of right now, expect a new pair of Puma v1.10 Kanji to run you a handsome £135/$199.99 at selected exclusive retailers.

Don’t forget to drop a comment or use the boot-o-meter and tell us what you think of these killer cleats!

PUMA V1.10 KANJI, 8.6 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

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  1. says: chocolate rain

    i admire puma’s bravery when it comes to colourways, but these look more like something you would collect rather than something you would play in.

  2. says: channo

    although i have to say that i’m not much of a fan of this colorway, but the cat on the instep turns out to look really cool!

    i think puma has found this formula: that to apply ridiculous colors on football boots, just as well add some graphics!

    i realize why the green T90 looked so ridiculous is because it’s green, without any reason -just horribly green…
    on the other hand, let’s say puma tokyo; they’re pink! and green! for the love of God… and black, and white at the same time! but they’re no ordinary pink, green, black, and white. they’re tokyo city lights! i guess by having some sort of a “theme”, it helps to justify the abnormal colors.

  3. says: Vinny

    Puma going for the remarkable! at least everyone will notice them and they are defo not just another boring boot..think they are a little too much for me tho.

    They may appeal to teenagers but I realise I just aint good enought to get away with wearing boots like that.

    Chocolate rain mentioned people might collect them..Do many people collect football boots???

  4. says: Eduardo

    this .. this is getting RIDICULOUS,, seriously?? i accepted the power cats as an okay,, bad mistake,, BUT this?!?!?! ???????????? can some one explain the sudden twist to ASIA ? im sorry nothing on asia, but what next are they gonna start putting Cyrillic or greek, or even normal phrases on there?!?! this is getting out of hand, the different colorways great,, but this is just too muchh ,, :\\

  5. says: Luis

    I have a pair, and since I already wore them out, I’m bummed I didn’t but two pairs. Super comfortable, and great looking. I can’t find another pair anywhere, sucks!!

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