PUMA V1.08

Introducing the new Puma V1.08 football boot

Puma launches the second generation of its lightweight v-Speed football product line designed for speed and built to get you to the ball even faster.

The v.08 line includes the lightest and latest technology in footwear, apparel and accessories as Puma, its teams and players like Nicolas Anelka, Gianluigi Buffon, Mario Gomez and Freddie Ljungberg prepare for the 2008 European Championships.

The evolution of the v1.08 football boot from its popular v1.06 predecessor is based on Puma’s unique AptoLast design, and includes several new advancements in technology, performance and durability.

Puma v1.08

Designed and engineered for the fastest players in the game, the v1.08 boot utilizes Puma’s cross-category UNI construction in which the upper is stitched – not glued or lasted – to the sole. Made from extra-thin lightweight materials with a second layer of microfibre for tactile characteristics, the v1.08 provides feel, grip and performance on the ball.

Puma V1.08

Pick it up, throw it in the air and feel the weight. Or lack of it. Just 200 grams of weight is achieved as a result of the two-piece outsole construction, carbon fibre forefoot and removable chassis. Looking through the see-through sole, you can check out for yourself the shoe’s double-density, carbon fibre forefoot and advanced design.

Lastly, the iconic Puma Cat branding and v1.08 logo on the tongue are complemented by asymmetric speed lacing with special lace loops for a modern on-field look.

Players: Nicolas Anelka, Gianluigi Buffon, Freddie Ljungberg
Price: £120 – order now
Availability: January 2008
Colours: Red/White/Black, Black/Dark Shadow/White
Sizes: 6-13

Order your pair now – link

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  1. says: Carnall2006

    Are these the boots that David Bentley and Kevin Doyle have been using? I’m not sure if i like them as much as the previous V1’s. The only downfall of the previous models was the protection they gave your foot. I owned a pair and they were by far the nicest fitting and feeling boots ever but like the Vapors again which i once owned they don’t give much protection at all. I hope that they have improved from the last pair because they had a tough job on there hands making a better boot than the last! How much are they looking for these? When can we expect to have them in the shops or at the academies?

  2. says: admin

    Bentley and Doyle are wearing them Peter Crouch will be wearing them also. They will be retailing at £120 and are available to buy now. We’ll be running an article on Footy Boots tomorrow which will give a bit more insight into the technical specifications of the v.108

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