In the past few months we’ve seen colourways range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Safaris to Windchills, Intense Greens to Max Oranges, Oxbloods to Tender Shoots.

But we want you, Footy-Boots.com readers, to be honest with us here – have you seen any football boots more bonkers than the new Puma PowerCat Tokyo?

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

Inspired by Tokyo’s electric Akihabara district, the new Puma PowerCat Tokyo is all about distinct visual flair and eye-catching neon tones wrapped around the PowerCat 1.10’s now-familiar design.

The Two ‘Big Cat’ designs on the instep and outstep of these striking football boots get something of a Yin-Yang treatment, with the boot being white on one side and black in the other.

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

This apparently gave Puma license to introduce more bold colours into the design; with the logo Black and Green on one side and White and Pink on the other!

The madness isn’t just contained to the upper either, as the Kanji lettering and spattering of eye-grabbing colours spreads to the sole plate – with Puma even going as to give both SG and FG versions of the Puma PowerCat Tokyo pink studs – flashy!

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

Something that we like to do here on Footy-Boots.com is talk about which team’s kit would be a great match for a new colourway, but unfortunately we’re struggling to think of any!

In fact, we’re wondering whether any players out there will fancy wearing a pair of these exceptionally OTT football boots! In fact, when they do we’ll post an update on this article and give them a pat on the back!

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

One interesting fact that might be make-or-break for any of you guys looking to buy, is that the Puma PowerCat Tokyo mark the first time that any football boots in the Powercat range have been made out of Synthetic rather than the the excellent leather that has been a hallmark of the series.

The Puma PowerCat Tokyo are available in store right now, and have an RRP of £119.99 should you fancy saying Konichiwa to a pair!

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

Puma clearly have a pair of football boots on their hands that are going to get people talking.

But what do you think people will be saying? Good design that pushes boundaries? Or have football boots finally gone too far!?

Join the debate in the comments below!

PUMA POWERCAT TOKYO, 9.0 out of 10 based on 74 ratings

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  1. says: Laserbluemini

    These are pretty cool. Snowboard have been going from very simple to graffiti like designs in recent years. Nothing should stop some football cleats from going that direction. note: some

  2. says: channo

    hahaha, yeah i’ve seen this boots. and i have to say that they actually looked quite good! i mean, i wouldn’t mind wearing one just for the hell of it 😀

    some people recognize me for i’m always against colorful football boots like the green T90s, pink mercurials, or orange F50s. but this boots are simply out of that league!
    i mean, u’ll have all the reason to mock a nerd that try pimpin’, but u just can’t blame a pimp for looking pimpin’!!

    should football boots decided to go along the flashy colors direction, then THIS is the way to do it -NOT the green T90s :p

  3. says: harry

    another fashion gimmick. what a waste of money. it looks like a boot that you can only display and not get dirty. for a ÂŁ120, I could buy a better boot and if I wanted I would add an extra ÂŁ20 and get an even better boot. sianara powercat tokyo

  4. says: James

    the only people i can really see wearing these are Japanese who can actually understand whats written on the boot or people playing just for the attention and thinking the football pitch is a fashion runway. they certainly look sweet and all that, but can’t really see many people wearing these

  5. says: mugen

    the most interesting aspect of these powercats is that they are synthetic i want to know how they feel in synthetic so might go for a pair

  6. says: channo

    @James: my Japanese are not that good, but the writing doesn’t demand a genius to read. the huge letters says: PAWAA (power), and the small letters says: KIYATTO (cat) -plz correct me if i’m wrong. anyone with a bit of knowledge about katakana letters could read those.

    the instep and outsole also have the same “power cat” writings 🙂

    so don’t worry, it doesn’t say something like “i’m stupid” or anything…

  7. says: SkilletBoi

    Puma and there braveness have started to grow on me recently, i really wanna try a pair of some boots in the puma range before i buy them, i would like to see how they are comfort wise, but looks and colorway wise, puma are dominating.

  8. says: channo

    update: chiellini and buffon himself wear this boots on Italy vs Germany match!!! just google it.

    i have to say, the boots doesn’t looked that good on tv. but i bet it DOES looked THAT good when u slip them on in the changing room! this boots just gotta make some of ur teammates asking -or at least laughing 😀

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