PUMA has launched the all new PowerCat 1.10 football boot which is the German brand’s successor to the v-Konstrukt series. It’s the first major release of 2010 and it’s bound to bring added interest to the ‘Power boot’ category, currently dominated by the likes of adidas and Nike.

puma powercat

Following on from the v1.10, which got a pretty rough ride on release but has risen up the charts in recent weeks due to some better thought out colourways, the PowerCat aims to marry engineering and comfort.

The boot comes in a Black / White / Wild Lime colourway and undoubtedly most attention will focus on the injected 3D PUMA Power Shooting Technology, located in the boot’s kicking area. This new feature increases shooting power whilst maintaining the ball’s touch and feel.

puma powercat football boots

Due to its extremely high rebound properties, the PUMA 3D PST does not absorb the typical amount of energy felt upon ball impact and releases more power with every shot.

The kicking area is increased thanks to the off-centred lacing system and the PUMA PowerLast follows the foot’s natural contours allowing it to mould to the player’s foot and provide a glove like fit.

puma powercat 1.10

Made from super soft K-Leather, these boots provide ultimate comfort for the athlete. The PowerCat 1.10 not only provides great protection, power and comfort – through the blade stud configuration the player will also experience smooth ground penetration and pressure distribution whilst still being able to move around quickly.

The PowerCat 1.10 will make its global debut on football pitches around the world on Saturday and is expected to be worn by the likes of Michael Carrick, Nemanja Vidic and Wayne Hennessey.

puma powercat 1.10 football boots

A second colourway of White / Puma Royal / Team Gold is planned in March.

Price: £125

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  1. says: kuuku

    I’m very excited and interested in this release from puma. The konstrukt was a pretty good boot and this is likely to be better!

    And hopefully everyone will be satisfied with the colourway “this” time. 😉

  2. says: greg

    these boots are already released in australia. they are quite nice, a bit on the heavy side for me tho. il stick with my v1.10s

  3. says: breal

    I tried a pair of these on a couple of times. They remind me of a Laser II but instead of a dozen plastic ribs there are just a few. PUMA is really pushing the fact that these shoes are wide (like the laser II)as opposed to the super narrow fit of the V-speed line. The future colors are great also. The other shoe to look for is the Diego from PUMA this is the redesign on the King XL and also a bit on the wider side in order to fit more people.

  4. says: ggg
  5. says: fifinho

    glad to see that they used K-Leather as opposed to calfskin on the vKonstrukt III. As a tough tackling midfielder with a pair of vKontrukts that have gotten me through same hard times, I’m really looking forward to this boot and it seems pretty good to me 😉 albeit a little on the wide side and perhaps appears a bit plain as well? maybe it’s just me

  6. says: Quaresma

    The other colourway is white and blue with gold accent…. I saw someone wearing in an arabic league last week. He was kicking off so it had a closeup of the ball and the Powercat’s

  7. says: James Bai

    These are probably the best boots ever made for the likes of a goalkeeper. The fact that the studs are in small quantities and very long is a great advantage for keepers as it allows them to dive with much greater force than any other boots. A pure pleasure to wear.

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