Puma have been digging into their past again, and for good reason. For this most recent forage into their time vault results in a revamped classic – traditionalists read on!

Puma King 1986 Maradona

Few will need reminding that in the Mexico world cup in 1986, Argentina, thanks to the brilliance of captain Diego Maradona’s feet and the infamous ‘Hand of God’ in a quarter final win over England, were World Cup winners.

Football boot fans will also recall the iconic Puma King football boot the Argentine used in the tournament.

The new Puma Mexico Finale football boot is a revival of this timeless classic, in remembrance of the original Puma Mexico Finale worn by Diego Maradona in the 1986 World Cup.

Puma Mexico Finale 86

Whilst not quite following the original colourway of plain black and white, the new Puma Mexico Finale is not far off. Only the addition of a ‘fluro yellow’ strays from the 86 model. Perhaps the only let down in our opinion on this revamp.

Puma Mexico Finale football boot

The upper is afforded a supersoft K Leather supported by a lightweight PU direct injected bi-density outsole (it’s light and tough and helps with your traction!).

Puma Mexico Finale football boots

The vamp is quilted, but is thin enough to maintains a good touch on the ball and of course you cannot miss the classic fold over tongue which remains from the original.

Puma Mexico Finale

Since the Puma King was first released, many of the best players of the modern era have graced the pitch in these boots, recording some of the most notable moments in footballing history;

– The first Puma King football boots were made in 1968 as an homage to Eus'©bio winning the 1966 FIFA Golden Boot

– Pel'© wore the Puma King when he became a legend as the King of 1970 leading Brazil to World Cup victory

– Just four years later the King of 1974 was Johan Cruyff, he was named ‹Ĺ›Player of the Tournament˘€žË˜, and ‹Ĺ›European Player of the Year

– In 1986 it was the football boot that Diego Maradona used as he went down in history, passing six England players to score, what has been voted ‹Ĺ›The Goal of the Century˘€žË˜-

We’re won over at Footy Boots HQ with this heritage styled boot, but what do you make of it?

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  1. says: Woy

    Agree with you guys, the boot looks very tasty, but would be all the better without the yellow. Swap the yellow for white and its getting up there with the Copa’s.

  2. says: webb

    love them, not seen them 4 years, will get a pair defo, wot abt bringing back the puma ‘SPA KING’, the top picture of the puma boots looks more like the ‘PUMA MENOTTI’ released after the 78 WC,

  3. says: Fraser W

    the addition of the fluro yellow isnt a stray away from the originals. . . puma released the classic king with the yellow stripe on tongue and detail on the heel for 86 wc (shilton was wearing those on hand of god goal and many photos of dalgleish wearing them for l’pool). . .these are a quality boot but i realy hope they get round to releasing the standard king of this time that all the pros wore and maradona used in mexico wc. . . . the same as the spa kings but without the large heel bit. . . they should release in screw in and moulded and they would surely knock off world cups and copas as best boots ever

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