PUMA Kit out Arsene With New Jacket (With Hassle-Free Zip)

PUMA Jacket Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger’s might well be known as one of the coolest managers in the business, with an eye for spotting young talent and guiding the Gunners to an unbeaten season – but if there’s one thing about the Arsenal manager’s image that is truly iconic – it’s his jacket.

Potentially the source of his great power, Wenger’s love of the padded bench jacket is well-noted, often donning the sleeping-bag-with-sleeves during Arsenal’s chilly evening ties in Europe.

However, despite their symbiotic relationship, there has been occasion where Arsene’s jacket has turned on him – with the zip on such a gargantuan garment proving harder to manage than Nicklas Bendtner.


Good news for the gaffer is that PUMA has taken its new job as the club’s technical supplier very seriously, enabling the Arsenal FC manager to concentrate on the match.

After studying Wenger’s on-bench behaviour, his hands, and the pace of his zipping, PUMA have carefully designed this new coat. To see how ‘the Boss’ personally gave his new bench jacket a final test, check out the video that was released by PUMA today.

In all seriousness – hats off to Wenger for going along with this one – definitely a viral for the ages.

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