Puma follow up the massively-loved Puma Mexico Finale with another retro Puma King football boots re-release. The latest revamped classic is the eternally-respected Puma King Top 1982!

Puma King Top 1982 - football boots

The older football boots lovers who read this website are undoubtedly going misty-eyed at the prospect, but for those of you who don’t quite get the hype around the Puma King Top 1982 we only need mention some of the names that have played in them; Diego Maradona, Pel'©, Johan Cryuff and Paul Gascoigne – they are the football boots that legends were made in.

Puma King Top 1982 - football boots
Johan Cryuff in the original Puma King Top 1982 during the World Cup – famously with two stripes on his shirt

Incredibly ahead of their time, the Puma King Top 1982 used the highest grade of Kangaroo leather (much like the new Tiempo Legend IV) nearly 30 years ago, which Puma are re-introducing on this modern incarnation.


Puma King Top 1982 - football boots


The quilted from area of the Puma King Top 1982 gave instant comfort to the wearer, flexing and creasing in all the right areas and moving perfectly in sync with the toes, and has been retained to do the same job here in 2011, too.

Puma King Top 1982 - football boots

Puma have retained literally everything that made these football boots-royalty – including the direct-injection soled studs, which are just as durable and comfortable as you remember them!

Other nice touches on the Puma King Top 1982 include the white foldover tongue – a classic in itself – and the iconic King logo that has since been retired.

Puma King Top 1982 - football boots

Launching in both a Black/White/Gold and White/Black/Gold colourway, the Puma King Top 1982 is strictly class – you won’t find any ‘Fluo Yellow’ here!

At £124.99 or (puzzlingly) $99.99 – the Puma King Top 1982 is either a bit of a treat in the UK or an absolute steal if you live in the US, and is available as of the July 2nd.

Puma King Top 1982 - football boots

What do you think to another football boots retro-release from Puma?

Will you be picking up a pair? Let us know in the comments!

PUMA KING TOP 1982, 9.3 out of 10 based on 48 ratings


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    1. says: Cadmonkey12

      I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure that those are closer to circa 1992.
      The King Classic Top Di is closer to 1982. This model is also availible with indoor and turf soles in the states.

  1. says: Rwp3rd

    These are exactly the same as the current King Top except for the gold trim on the tongue, they look nothing like the 1982 version of the King. The Pittards K leather is used on these is very supple, really nice boots but in no way are they the 1982 model.

  2. says: Rwp3rd

    Cruyff retired from international football in 1977, I doubt he was wearing the 1982 Puma Kings in the above photo.

  3. says: crab

    I really want a pair of these boots i normally wear a size 10 is it better to get a half size smaller due to the soft leather

  4. says: Jas

    Absolutely awsome looking pair of boots! Shame about the price tag though. And how come it ends up being cheaper if you buy it in the US?!

  5. says: Jose Luis MX

    Great boots. The Puma King 82 edition had plain white soles and the Puma stripe used to be yellow (well, lets say gold, as it was the King). I have a pair of this boots from 2005 and they are made of Pittards finest leather (UK based Pittards plc aims to be the preferred supplier of high performance leather to the world’s leading brands of gloves, shoes, luxury leathergoods and sports equipment according to http://www.pittards.com) and with direct injected soles as the Adidas Copa Mundial. The shoe last is a little wider than Copa´s and you can wear them to a game right out of the box. I hope they are still made in Europe, as the German Copa Mundial, to ensure quality.

  6. says: IHS

    What about the earlier 1970’s Puma Kings? Had a pair 1977. Excellent leather and that brilliant
    heel structure with the white dots.

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