It’s been six weeks since we’ve seen the Puma King Finale land on pitches across the world, and what an impact it’s made!

Puma King Finale

We’ve seen players in pretty much every league across Europe in Puma’s latest football boots, and it’s clear that Puma are ready to shift their campaign into Phase II with this fantastic looking White/Black/Gold versions

Looking markedly similar to the King Diego Finale that we saw late on in 2010, the black in combination with the white and gold makes for a really classy looking pair of football boots.

The gold mesh under the tongue and leather heel tap really ties this colourway of the Puma King Finale together for a really regal look.

Puma King Finale

The Black tongue and Stripe also stop them looking too ‘vanilla’ by adding a little element of darkness to the design.

When can we expect to see these football boots taking to the pitch? From today!

Our friends at Puma have tipped us off that Everton’s Spanish playmaker and Puma King Finale Mikel Arteta will be donning these classy cleats for the Toffee’s FA Cup clash with Scunthorpe United, in what should be a tricky away fixture.

What do you think of this new colourway?

Let us know in the comments!

PUMA KING FINALE – WHITE/BLACK/GOLD, 8.5 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

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  • Wow, in my humble opinion this is a superb boot. the look, the lines and the colours all are top notch. Ive never relly been a big fan of puma boots (simply because of the fit) but this is one i most definetally will try!

  • Nop,
    I’m 100% its these ones, or the take down model.
    Australia tends to get random releases, all the factory stores have the elites in soft ground but the prices for elites start at $400 USD

  • Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kevin Doyle in these soon, he’s not changed from King XL’s yet but he does seem to go for white boots so maybe he’ll make the change now.

  • as far as Puma boots go, Australia seems to get them pretty early which, even though I live here, doesn’t make much difference because I get my boots online anyway lol

    for example i saw the first PWR-Cats in stores weeks before they were officially “revealed” on the internet

  • Im not a big fan of heritage boots or the king finale but i love love love these in white…. If i wasnt a power/speed boot wearer i’d consider these.

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