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PUMA evoAccuracy 1

PUMA are hitting hard and boxing smart with the launch of the new PUMA evoAccuracy 1 – a spin-off, ‘disruptive’ release to sit alongside the evoPOWER 1.2.

Taking the main principals of the evoPOWER silo, PUMA have tinkered with the boot’s load-out to create a launch that maximises one of the secondary benefits of the popular evoPOWER release.

PUMA evoAccuracy - 1 - FG - Front

As you’d expect, whilst the evoPOWER is all about boosting shot power, the PUMA evoAccuracy 1 is all about increasing accuracy with a brand new approach to the upper.

PUMA have loaded the vamp of the boot with AccuFoam – the intention being to create a contact point for striking the ball that delivers incredible accuracy.

PUMA evoAccuracy - 1 - FG - Instep

PUMA say that you can’t get a ‘pure’ strike on the ball in bare feet because the bones and ligaments in your foot create an inconsistent contact surface.

So, with an re-tooled upper and notably more AccuFoam, the PUMA evoAccuracy 1 creates a platform that is perfect for launching shots and crosses, thanks to the AccuFoam’s ability to flatten against the foot on contact with the ball.

PUMA evoAccuracy - 1 - FG - Upper

PUMA have used the same Adap-lite synthetic upper for that unique one-way stretch properties, but have opted for a different finishing paper for a more leather-like feel.

The big brains at the Big Cat have also opted to up the amount of GripTex control elements on the medial side of the boot, adding more friction when making contact with the ball for a greater sense on control on shots.

PUMA evoAccuracy - 1 - FG - Heel

The heel on the PUMA evoAccuracy 1 also gets a re-work. Not only does Mario Balotelli‘s ‘MB45’ get a namecheck in the wordmark on the back of boot, but PUMA have also changed the way that the heel collapses on this model, and bumped up the support around the ankle.

Mario Balotelli will be the only player to officially wear the PUMA evoAccuracy 1, which is sure to stand out on in the Fluro Yellow/Green/White/Peacoat colourway.

PUMA evoAccuracy - 1 - FG - Sole

What do you think to the PUMA evoAccuracy 1? An interesting experiment in boot design or should it just be a separate silo?

Drop us a comment and let us know!

PUMA evoAccuracy 1 | Mario Balotelli’s New Boots, 8.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings https://www.footy-boots.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/puma-evoaccuracy-1-fg.jpg

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    1. says: flaprau

      I play in them on AG. My outside stud gets hung up when I try to turn a defender, but other than that I don’t notice the stud length being a problem. On the OG evoPower the upper get slick in the rain, but these evoAccuracy boots have been great. The need to be their own silo.

  1. says: Carlos Navia

    they look pretty great, and perhaps could be their own silo, akin to how the ctr360 spun off from the total 90.

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