PUMA Celebration Pack Limited Editions

PUMA Celebration Pack

Here’s a little behind-the-curtain insight for you; in the first week of the World Cup, one of the most frequent search terms that brought people to the Footy-Boots.com site or one of our videos was ‘odd football boots’ or ‘different coloured football boots’.

Fair to say then, that – in terms of piquing interest – the PUMA Tricks boots were well up there; something worth celebrating, wouldn’t you agree?

Couple that with the best World Cup certainly in our lifetime and PUMA have all sorts of reasons to whip up a commemorative set of boots in the form of the PUMA Celebration Pack limited editions.

PUMA Celebration Pack evoSPEED

At just 128 pairs per boot, the PUMA Celebration Pack are undoubtedly one for the collectors, looking to mark a stand-out summer for football and football boot fans alike.

Sticking with the theme established on the PUMA Tricks, the limited edition Celebration Pack boots feature the Pink and Blue of the World Cup cleats on the heel, which quickly fade into White and Black, which is in turn covered in Gold geometric shapes.

If the Tricks were for the pitches of the World Cup, then this is their evening wear for the after-party.

PUMA Celebration Pack evoPOWER


As you’d expect, the two boots featured are the evoPOWER 1 and the evoSPEED.

Now, some retailers are billing the evoSPEED in the PUMA Celebration Pack as the 1.3, however, to our eyes at least, these look like the 1.2 – distinguishable by the renforced lace eyelets and lack of external Everfit cage.

What do you think of the PUMA Celebration Pack?

Let us know in the comments!

PUMA Celebration Pack Limited Editions, 8.4 out of 10 based on 10 ratings https://www.footy-boots.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/puma-celebration-pack.jpg

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  1. says: Jose Reyes

    While I love the boots, I would heavily diasgree (as will many others) that this was one of the best World Cups. The most entertaining games of the World Cup were put on by teams that aren’t even as popular on the global stage. Most of the big teams made it through with some sort of controversy (minus Germany) and there was nothing but terrible and blatantly fixed officiating during this World Cup. As far as I am concerned the last World Cup has this one by a long shot. This is in my opinion the worst World Cup in the 21st century so far.

    1. says: Wong Kang Jie

      i disagree. this was truly one of the best world cups ever. There was plenty of action, drama, dull play and the lot fitted into a month of wholehearted footballing action. As for the officiating, humans will err, not to say at a competition this stressful and strenuous. It is not enough to accuse them of match fixing, which is what i think you are trying to say. Don’t watch the World Cup again, if you feel that it will be the same in Russia 2018. It is for us to enjoy, not to condemn.

      1. says: Carlos Navia

        there’s always going to be bad calls by WC refs, specially for the home teams. so he should be used to it. I agree, at least it was the best cup I saw, in terms of play and emotion. the first one I saw was France 98, great playing, but little emotion – only drama was Brazil losing out of nowhere to France, France being nearly had by Paraguay, and Argentina-England penalties. 02 wasn’t as good, bad play, too much controversy (worse refs I’ve seen), watching matches in the early morning (which was exciting sometimes and impossible others) but at least Brazil got a WC it deserved in 98 – plus my country made its debut, which makes it unforgettable to me. 06 was perhaps the best organized one, above France, and I bet Europeans loved it – that being said, gameplay was very boring, South Americans did badly, and the final was only memorable for the Zidane headbutt – although, I really loved seeing my country getting to the second round and nearly having England. South Africa 10 was alright but nothing too fancy, vuvuzelas and people dancing with their backs to the game was kind of off putting, group stage was forgettable, Uruguay got far but on an easier fixture – but I liked seeing Spain do well and finally win something, and Germany thrashing Argentina and England, and France and Italy’s downfalls were cool to see… otherwise the cup was kind of meh, the final was boring too.

    2. says: Carlos Navia

      I liked it precisely because of the evenness (specially the fight put up by the Conmebol and Concacaf teams), and the many exciting matches, whether by the good play and many goals, or because it was so even that drama ensued because anyone could win. there were great goals, great goalies, and great situations like Suarez’s bite or Brazil’s unforgiving loss. the bad calls and organizational troubles all added to it. South Africa was ok, had some interesting gameplay, but not as much emotion as Brazil 14 nor as great gameplay as France 98. the most exciting things were Germany and Spain’s runs, and France and Italy’s bad ones, and games like Germany-Argentina or Germany-England or Holland-Uruguay… the rest was meh, group stage was forgettable, the final was just like the one we just had but without the emotion, I fell asleep… and I didn’t like how Holland got past Brazil by fouling their way through and that Uruguay had an easy fixture. perhaps I’m biased because South Africa was somewhat a lame cup for American sides, although quite better than Germany’s cup in that aspect (an incredibly European cup) – plus the organization was kind of lacking (though Brazil beat them in that), and vuvuzelas and people dancing with their backs to the game was off putting. either way, there will be awful ref calls in all world cups, in fact a lot complained about it in South Africa too (the Mexicans and the English, the latter whom made it possible we have goal line tech).

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