Way back in March, we revealed that Nicolas Anelka would soon be making the switch to Puma’s latest boot, the PowerCat 1.10.

And then we waited.

And we waited some more.

Anelka Powercat

While we were waiting, Puma even started releasing promotional images of the man himself wearing the Powercat 1.10!

The seemingly superstitious striker persisted with his trusty v1.10‘s – but just as it looked like the France international wasn’t going to be donning the new Power Football' Boot in time for the end of the season, Anelka made the switch this weekend as Chelsea were sunk by Tottenham.

Keen spotters will also have noticed Anelka was also debuting a new colourway; this black model features an almost flame-like fade of Red, Orange' and Yellow.

Many believe that these boots are the first of Puma’s new ‘Tricks’ range, that will be a series of exclusively-coloured Football' Boots; possibly including a v1.10 Tricks, in addition to the rumoured PowerCat 1.10 Tricks that you see here.

What do you think of this new colourway?

It’s definitely something radical from the German brand, but with murmurs of Nike equipping the Elite players at the' World Cup with something special and adidas launching a new f50, is this' going to be big enough?

Let us know' in the comments!

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  1. says: zc

    I think this new colourway seems to be pretty good – saying that I will have to see better pictures before I make up my mind.
    If Puma were going to use the World Cup to promote the boots Anelka Wouldn’t have them on yet.
    HoweverI wouldn’t be surprised to see some more colourways that tie in with the world cup.
    Also what is the difference between the tricks range and the other boots.

  2. says: Fifinho

    @zc they had a “tricks” range with the v1.08 which, as far as i can remember, was the same price as regular colourways

    Meanwhile i’ve seen leaked images of the v1.10 Tricks and would probably say that it looks better than the PWR-Cats. They do have an interesting design though but i’ll keep my mouth shut 😉 haha

  3. says: MisterBroom12

    Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, the v1.10 in this new colorway is based in black with the Puma logo having the color combination and some scattered coloring on the rest of the boot. I was hoping for the v1.10 to be based with this red, orange, yellow combo, supported by black, rather than the other way around.

  4. says: Sir Prance Alot

    I’ve seen the Power cat close up in several boot rooms – The original Blk/Green colour way has an issue with the leather that means the black coating is literally peeling off the boot.

    It looks terrible – I hope Anelka’s long awaited debut boot has been changed.

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