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Konami Release Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Details

Konami PES 2008Are you ready for Pro Evolution Soccer 7? We have details of the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, which promises to be the most realistic and intuitive football game ever released. The new version is provisionally titled PES 2008 and will feature Teamvision, adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) software that promises to learn and adapt to a person’s style of play. So if you are more Manchester City than Manchester United, this game will pick this up and adapt itself to your own style so you can reign supreme!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 provides added control, actions and reactions of the players on your team and of the opposition – with defenders working together to close down space and block efforts on goal. The next gen versions include proper facial animations, shirt pulling and kits that change as the players run around by creasing or developing sweat patches.

“We have taken a long hard look at what has made the Pro Evolution Soccer series so popular, and where we want to take it next,” commented Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka, creator of the series and Producer of PES 2008. “With the new Teamvision AI system, we truly believe that we have elevated the game to a new level. The movement of players off the ball, coupled with the total control given to the player, creates the closest simulation of real football to date. We really hope everyone enjoys our evolution. I promise it will be worth the wait.”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will be released for Playstation 3 & 2, Xbox 360, PC-DVD, PSP and Nintendo DS in the Autumn.

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  1. says: ronald

    i have fifa 07 for pc and its cool and all but its not the best. i find the game to be too easy (i unlocked legendary and it doesnt create a challenge for me). if it was harder than it would be much better

  2. says: Jonas andersen

    If you love football you play PES the rest is just for possers. Whats the fun of playing a 10-7 game as you do in fifa???

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